Balaj Vedharajan

Strengthening Participatory Dugong Habitat Conservation and Awareness in Northern Palk Bay

To promote the establishment of community based seagrass protected sites and sustainable fishery methods by promoting positive livelihood support for fishing community.

Mushabe Norman

Conserving the Fisheries Biodiversity of Lake Bunyonyi in Face of Increasing Human Activities

The project attempts to document the fisheries biodiversity of Lake Bunyonyi and how the lake’s catchment has been shrinking overtime, following the increasing number of human activities in an initiative to raise awareness and advocate for its protection.

Hung Manh Pham

Diversity and Conservation of Fish Community in the Krong No River, Langbiang Plateau, Vietnam

The study investigates diversity of fishes in the Krong No River (a catchment of Mekong River system) for their conservation in this region.

Tausi Ally

Environmental Education and Community Involvement towards Conservation of Endangered Tilapia Oreochromis amphimelas and its Ecosystem in Lake Kitangiri, Tanzania

The proposed project aims to provide environmental education and building the community capacity toward environmental friendly practices leading to the protections of O. amphimelas and its ecosystem in Lake Kitangiri Tanzania.

Richard Olwa

Promoting Population Recovery of Critically Endangered Cichlids Fish Species Endemic to Lake Victoria through Artisanal Fisherfolks Participation, Uganda

Reverse the decline in the population of critically endangered Victoria tilapia and Singidia tilapia through engaging Fisherfolks in various conservation activities.

Wander Godinho

Conservation Plan for the Estuary of Mundaú River – Brazil

The community of Flecheiras and Mundau are taking important steps towards the restoration and conservation of their pristine Estuary-Reef marine complex. Our aim is to engage and educate the community to look after their own environment.

Elpis Joan Chávez Calderón

Movements and Habitat Use of Bull Sharks (Carcharhinus leucas) in a Costa Rican Tropical River

The project aim is to provide information about the behavior and ecology of juvenile sharks in a tropical environment, as well as to promote the conservation of sharks in the area through educational actions.

Hugulay Albuquerque Maia

Temporal Changes in the Reef Fish Assemblage of a Neglected Marine Hotspot: São Tomé and Príncipe, Gulf of Guinea

To increase knowledge of the marine ecosystems of this poorly known hotspot, helping to solve questions that are critical for the employment of conservation measures.

Paulina Bahamonde-Cárdenas

The War of a Hundred Years: Assessing the Effects of Introduced Salmonids on Native Fishes at Small Streams in Patagonian Freshwater Systems

he aim of the project is to examine the interaction and/or effects of samonids over native species in continental water at North of Patagonia.

Pedro Henrique Cipresso Pereira

Zoning, Conservation and Research of a Threatened Coral Reef Complex in the Northeastern Brazil

This project aims to perform conservation actions in a threatened coral reef complex in Northeast Brazil. Zoning plans, research and local community support will be used to do it.