Ruth Leeney

Conservation and Monitoring of Endangered Sawfishes in Mozambique

This project aims to collect biological data from sawfishes in Mozambique, and to build capacity amongst government and communities to monitor and conserve sawfishes.

Rovshan Abbasov

Saving Small Streams for Sturgeons

The project aims to protect sturgeons increasing awareness of the society about the importance of sturgeons. The aim of the project is to identify problems more specifically and develop a new holistic scheme that enable to protect habitats of sturgeons.

Thangapandi Marudhupandi

Status Survey and Conservation Strategy of Elasmobranchs (Sharks) in South East Coast of India

This study was aimed to provide baseline information about the catch and landing details of sharks, fishing methods and also provides conservation measures for the effective management

Gonzalo Araujo

Whale Shark Conservation and Ecotourism at Panaon Island, Southern Leyte

We will continue to assess the population of whale sharks at Panaon Island to better understand their seasonal patterns and habitat use. We will conduct local capacity building and education workshops to improve ecotourism management and species protection.

Mohammed Abudaya

Assessment of the Gaza Fishery of the Giant Devil Ray (Mobulamobular) In the Wider Context of its Protection Status in the Mediterranean

The urgent need for this project has arisen due to the images and reports that uncovered a specific targeted fishery in Gaza for the giant devil ray. Any such targeted fishery on this already endangered species will constrain their ability to recover from a depleted state and possibly result in their extinction. Until now this species appears to have been caught only as bycatch; however these recent reports indicate that a well-established and specific target fishery exists. It is vital that data is collected now before the species is pushed to the brink of extinction. With pressure faced from bycatch fisheries in the Mediterranean Sea, this already vulnerable species will not be able to endure the added stresses of a target fishery.

Nelli Barseghyan

The Study of Reproduction Ecology of Endangered Endemic Fish Species Sevan Trout

Aimed at conservation of Sevan trout the complex study of its ecology in spawning period as well as habitat conditions will be done. The results will be used to strengthen public awareness and activate the local communities to protect this species.

Rucha Karkarey

Coping Mechanisms and the Vulnerability of a Keystone Reef Predator (Peacock Hind, Cephalopholis argus) to Climate-Change in Lakshadweep.

Climate-change disturbances can have far reaching consequences for reef fish populations. Persisting under change depends on a species’ ability to cope with the disturbance. This project studies the coping mechanisms (flexibility in foraging ecology, physiology and demography) of a keystone predatory grouper (Cephalopholis argus) and assesses its vulnerability to mass-bleaching disturbances in Lakshadweep.

Mahima Jaini

Linking Conservation and Livelihoods in Lakshadweep’s Fisheries: Long-Term Monitoring of the Live-Bait Pole and Line Tuna Fishery

With our second Rufford grant, we hope to build upon our previous work, strengthening the sustainability of the live-bait pole and line fishery through researcher and community-based fisheries monitoring and market research. Improvements in monitoring, management and markets are critical to safeguard a shift from the traditional pole and line fishery to unsustainable reef fishing practices.

Oscar Vitorino

Pirapitinga Project - Conservation and Environmental Education Allied for Maintenance of Endangered Fishes from Headwaters of Two Main Brazilian Basins

Conservation and environmental education allied for maintenance of endangered fishes from headwaters of two main brazilian basins

Matthew Kolmann

Survey of Freshwater, Estuarine, and Coastal Fishes of the Demerara River, Guyana

We will investigate the coastal and estuarine fishes of the Demerara River, using commercial and artisanal fishing vessels crewed by local fishermen. The goal of our proposal is to survey the fish species caught in the Demerara River and produce a guide to the identification of these species; train local students to collect meaningful fish catch data from markets and fishermen, and promote sustainable harvest management practices.