Paulina Bahamonde-Cárdenas

The War of a Hundred Years: Assessing the Effects of Introduced Salmonids on Native Fishes at Small Streams in Patagonian Freshwater Systems

he aim of the project is to examine the interaction and/or effects of samonids over native species in continental water at North of Patagonia.

Pedro Henrique Cipresso Pereira

Zoning, Conservation and Research of a Threatened Coral Reef Complex in the Northeastern Brazil

This project aims to perform conservation actions in a threatened coral reef complex in Northeast Brazil. Zoning plans, research and local community support will be used to do it.

Owen R. O’Shea

Genetic Connectivity and Gene Flow in Dasyatid Rays among Fragmented Habitats in the Bahamas

This project aims to assess the genetic connectivity and gene flow of the data-deficient chupare whiptail stingray (Himantura schmardae) through next-generation sequencing analysis among fragmented seascapes in The Bahamas.


Assessment of Nika Chu Freshwater Ecology under Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park through Using Freshwater Fish Diversity and Habitats as Bio-Indicator

Our aim: 1. Assess the fish diversity and their habitats. 2. Create awareness on importance of freshwater ecosystem through using fish as bio-indicator.

Milica Lukač

Population Structure and Vulnerability of the Threatened Fish Species Telestes metohiensis from Karstic Streams in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The primary goal of this project is to determine species distribution, fluctuation of the population size during season, the population structure and vulnerability of striped pijor. The data obtained by the proposed project would provide necessary information for monitoring the impact of various factors on the chosen localities and the species in order to identify appropriate management actions and to measure their effectiveness in our future work.

Trishan Naidoo

Concentrations of Microplastic in Postlarval and Juvenile Fish Fauna in an Urban Harbour of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa

This project aims to investigate microplastic ingestion by juvenile and larval fish both in situ and in experimental studies. We also aim to collect and quantify microplastics from offshore sampling sites around the Durban area.

Laia Muñoz Abril

Trophic Ecology and Connectivity of Yellow-Fin Tuna (Thunnus albacares) Between the Galapagos Marine Reserve and the Ecuadorian Mainland

This project aims to understand the feeding ecology and determine the genetic structure of populations of yellowfin tuna (Thunnus albacares) in mainland Ecuador waters and the Galapagos Marine Reserve

Boris Davidov

Population Research of Danube Salmon in Una River, with Notes to Conservation

The aims of my project consist of first ever research and collecting data for Una river ever, introduction to public about the importance of the species and need of protection.

Isabel Marques da Silva

Conservation and Management of Reef Sharks in the Western Indian Ocean: A Conservation Area to Protect Biodiversity and Serve Community and Tourism

To protect and study the only aggregation of grey reef sharks in East Africa, making sure that the community is involve.

Ryan McAndrews

Vulnerability of Two Critical Ecological Functions of Fijian Coral Reefs to Fishing Pressure

I am investigating the impacts of human activity – chiefly spearfishing and nutrient input – on the ability of reef fish herbivores to support coral reef resilience in the Fijian Islands. This has important implications for the ability of reefs to withstand and recover from disturbances, and the sustainability of inshore fisheries for coastal communities.