Emeline Sessi Pelagie Assede

Diversity, Socio-Economical Importance and Participatory Conservation of Orchids in the Biosphere Reserve of Pendjari (Northern Benin)

The project will develop effective in situ conservation strategies and management interventions for the wild orchids in Pendjari Biosphere Reserve. It will raise awareness and promote participation of local communities in orchid conservation.

Chloe Hunt

Maintaining Momentum and Expansion of the Green Fins Approach

This project aims to effect change within the diving industry and among local communities through the implementation of the Green Fins approach, a tool for supporting adoption and implementation of best practice for the protection of coral reefs.

Rizwana Khanum

The Repository of Endemic Plants from Pakistan with Special Reference to Northern Areas

The main purpose is to add a new complete section of endemic plants in the existing repository of Pakistan Museum of Natural History (PMNH). Since previous collections lack complete data of these endemic specimens and the focus area is least explored.

Shovan Dattagupta

Conservation Initiative of Dipterocarpus turbinatus: A Critically Endangered Tree Species of Northeast India

This research and application work will estimate present population status, habitat characterisation and initiate longstanding conservation strategy and action on critically endangered tree species Dipterocarpus turbinatus

Nirjala Raut

Indian Pangolin (Manis crassicaudata) Conservation Project, Makwanpur District, Nepal

To determine the conservation threats to Indian Pangolin (Manis crassicaudata) and to motivate youth towards conservation of the species through different conservation campaigns.

Angelus Runji

Empowering Community at Three Villages Adjacent to Mikumi National Park on Participatory Management and Protection of African Elephants’ Habitat Tanzania

Our aims are: - To increase protection and management of elephant’s habitat in Mikumi National Park. - To end human – elephant’s conflict incidences between adjacent villages and park.

Mariela V. Lacoretz

ssessing Biodiversity and its Relationship with Habitat Structure in Coastal Woodlands of Buenos Aires Province: An Opportunity for Environmental Education

Aims of this project: -To determine biodiversity in forest patches and influences of deforestation- To make talares known to the general public so they will better understand what a forest is and why they should protect them.

Evarastus Obura

Integrated Action for Conservation of Dunga Kajulu Ecosystems through Enterprise Development

Promoting conservation of biodiversity in interdependent ecosystems through educating communities on rewarding livelihood options to counter existing threats in the upstream.

Thakur Silwal

Human Wildlife Encounters in Chitwan National Park, Nepal

Wildlife attacks on humans are prominent challenges to the communities and park authorities around protected areas. The main aim of this project is to understand social and physical factors of attacks, victims' livelihoods and awareness programs for co-existence between globally threatened flagship species and local communities in Chitwan National Park (CNP), Nepal.

Kerri Wolter

Cape Vulture Captive Breeding and Release Programme, Magaliesberg Mountains, South Africa

VulPro aims to establish a successful vulture breeding programme for population supplementation and reintroduction purposes where Cape Vultures historically occur/occurred.