Gordana Grbic

Spiders and Sands - Research and Conservation of Spiders Living in the Deliblato Sand: The Largest European Continental Sands

The aim of this research will be to connect the neglected group of animals in Serbia and the largest European continental sands with desire to emphasize the importance of combining the scientific information with practical usages.

Fachruddin Mangunjaya

Developing of Ex situ-Biodiversity Project and Ecosystem Services Education for Islamic Boarding School in West Java, Indonesia

The Project seeks to illustrate how Pesantren (or Islamic Boarding Schools) can preserve the environment and uphold biodiversity principles by building upon the work of the initial project.

Hani Nusantari

Increasing Awareness of Marine Biodiversity among Primary School Children and Teachers in Lombok, Indonesia – Stage 2

This project will help to create a knowledgeable, informed and empowered local community who are capable of independently working towards greater conservation of marine ecosystems in Lombok into the future.

Eni Hidayati

Youth-Based Coral Nursery for Future Rehabilitation in Sumbawa Island, Indonesia

This project aims to establish youth-based coral nursery for future coral rehabilitation in the north coast of Sumbawa

David Brankovits

Integrating Research and Education to Protect Anchialine Cave Ecosystems in Quintana Roo, Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico

This project is intended to contribute towards the protection of poorly studied coastal cave ecosystems by increasing awareness of their ecological importance and investigating organic matter and contaminant transport.

Braulio Poje

Monitoring and Census of Parrot Species and their Nests around the Native Community of Infierno, SE Peru

The Native Community of Infierno consists of the largest Ese’eja ethnic group in the south-eastern Peruvian Amazon. Some people still hunt macaws in their territory for food and feathers, causing a continuing threat to them. This project aims to teach local people about the importance of conservation via practical hands-on field studies.

Rebecca Klein

Community Outreach and Education for Carnivore Conservation in Botswana

Cheetah Conservation Botswana works to raise awareness for the importance of carnivores and improved methods of range, livestock and wildlife management amongst farming communities of Botswana.

Grace Pam

Conservation Education for Children in Plateau State, Nigeria: The Children for Nature Project (CFNP)

The CFNP aims at educating primary schools on nature and its conservation, by encouraging the inclusion of nature education in schools and the training of teachers on both outdoor and indoor nature teaching.

Baran Yoğurtçuoğlu

Conservation of a Critically Endangered Endemic Killifish (Aphanius transgrediens) Living in a Sensitive and Invaded Habitat in Turkey

The major aim of the project is to reveal biological properties and requirements of an endemic, endangered freshwater fish species, Aphanius transgrediens, in an invaded habitat. In accordance with these data, a captive breeding program will be carried out for conservation of this species.

Kakhaber Sukhitashvili

Mobilize Communities Living near the River Alazani Riparian Forests and Prepare them to Assist Conservation of the Target Area

The project proposal “Mobilize communities living near the River Alazani Riparian Forests and prepare them to assist conservation of the target area” aim of the project is to support conservation of the Alazani Riparian forest by mobilizing local communities and help them to advocate related environmental problems for making decision persons. To create relevant conditions we will use trainings, round tables, meetings with governmental bodies. We will created documents and will establish the day of Protection Alazani Riparian Forests.