Johnson Grayson Mshana

Conservation Awareness Campaign for the Protection of Critically Endangered Jipe Tilapia and its Habitat in Lake Jipe Tanzania

Conservation of Jipe tilapia and its habitat through tree planting, awareness campaign, and best land use practices and education toward improvement of environmentally friendly alternative livelihood activities.

Katharina Fietz

Conservation of Key Shark Habitats and Development of a Stepping Stone for a Long-Term Monitoring System of Local Shark Communities in Cape Verde

The project aims to use genetic methodology to obtain the first critical data about abundance, population structure, degree of isolation, and the use of nursery areas of a model shark species around an island in Cape Verde. It forms the basis to facilitate long-term participatory monitoring of shark fauna in Cape Verde.

Fredrick Ekow Jonah

Survey of Turtle Nesting Beaches and Conservation in the Cape Coast-Elmina Area of Ghana

This project aims at halting the poaching of sea turtles and the degradation of their habitats in the Cape Coast and Elmina area of Ghana by engaging coastal communities to protect their beaches and turtles. Major state stakeholders in environmental protection will also be engaged in order to develop an action plan for conservation of sea turtles in the area.

Boris Pejin

Project 'Oro' – Part I: Ochridaspongia rotunda (Arndt, 1937), Lake Ohrid

The aim of this project is to make a bold and lasting impact on the Lake Ohrid and sponge Ochridaspongia rotunda (Arndt, 1937) specificity and uniqueness thus increasing the awareness in five Western Balkan countries (Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Albania, Greece).

Beate Heycke

Peninsula Osa, Carate Beach: Sea Turtle Conservation Program

This project aims to protect four species of sea turtles of the west Pacific Ocean which are considered as (critically) endangerd, according to the IUCN Red List of Treatened Species: the Olive Ridley Turtle (Lepidochelys olivacea), Hawksbill Sea Turtle (Eretmochelys imbricata), Leatherback Sea Turtle (Dermochelys coriácea) and the Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas). We would like to reduce the vulnerability of the above listet sea turtle population, to conserve the nesting populations and to generate scientific data for the preservation of sea turtles nesting on Carate, Rio Oro and La Leona beaches on the peninsula Osa, Costa Rica.

Nurul Islam

Capacity Building for Bat Conservation and Research in Bangladesh Through Community Involvement

The main objective of the project is to build the capacity of young biological students and undertake bat conservation research in Bangladesh through intensive training, resource development and field trips. The second objective is to conduct a series of education program among the community people for bat conservation.

Huy Nguyen Quang

Building a Botanic Specimen Collection and a Coloured Guidebook for Educating High School Students in Conservation at Tam Dao National Park, Vietnam

The project aims to increase awareness among high school students in Hanoi of the importance of plants through a combination of lectures and fieldwork.

Jeffrey Opoku Nyame

Enhancing Waste Disposal Practices And Education For Lake Bosomtwe Visitors And Communities

The project aims for sustainable management of lake Bosomtwe by enhancing waste disposal practices and education for lake bosomtwe visitors and communities. Practical ground based activities involving provision of dustbins, tricycle, appropriate waste dumps (for waste management) and Conservation education, capacity building and public awareness for both lake visitors and community members are envisaged for addressing the project objectives.

Rachael Cooper-Bohannon

Using Genetic Tools to Assess the Conservation Status of Cave-Dwelling Bats

To determine patterns of genetic diversity and inbreeding within populations and across species ranges and landscape barriers to gene flow of potentially threatened cave-dwelling bat species in southern Africa.

Ly Quoc Dang

Building Capacity for Local Community, Enhancing Young Generation and Improving Governance to Save the Bats and Khmer Culture in the Mekong Delta, Vietnam

Two aims are: to build capacity for local people, young generation and to raise awareness of students in the community; and to investigate bats trafficking and train legislation to local government officers and own restaurants in the provincial.