Pilot Dovih

Assessment of Hunting Pressure and Conservation Status of Bats in and Around Mt. Saramati, and the Impacts of Bats on Public Health

Our study aims at knowing the species composition in this area, which will give us insight to take up better conservation management plans required to ensure long term conservation. Our study also aims at understanding disease transmission from bats to humans through this bats harvest.

Cedric Gilleman

Pilot Project: Capacity Building to Protect and Conserve River Dolphins and Habitats in Iquitos, the Riverside Peruvian Amazon City, by 'Solinia' (New NGO)

Solinia’s overall objective is to establish and encourage wildlife protection and careful management of natural riverine resources which will improve living conditions for wildlife and people by developing protection and conservation activities, create resources and run education/communication sessions in schools; monitor river dolphins and seek understanding of threats.

Lais Chaves

The Lionfish Invasion: Management Strategies for the Southern Caribbean Sea

This project intends to: 1) measure how much time (days, weeks or months) do lionfish take to recolonize a reef after removal efforts 2) Design a cost-effective lionfish removal program, to be implemented by local stakeholders.

Sargis Aghayan

Use of Long-Legged Buzzard as a Model for Conservation of Raptors in Khosrov Nature Reserve (KHNR)

In villages local kids take several nestlings from easy accessible raptors’ nests, e.g. Long-legged Buzzard and keep at home as pets until they die. The main goal of our project is to shift the interests of the children from pet-keeping to survey and movie or photo-making activities.

Initi Keith

Marine Invasive Species in the Galapagos Marine Reserve

This research looks to minimize the negative impacts of invasive species on marine biodiversity, ecosystem services and the health of the Galapagos Marine Reserve

Hemanta Kumar Yadav

Population Structure, Nutritional Ecology, Movement, Interaction Patterns of Swamp Deer with Tiger and other Predators in the Western Landscape, Nepal

The project aims at understanding the ecology of swamp deer (Cervus duvauceli duvauceli) with emphasis on seasonal group structure, population structure, seasonal movement, nutrition ecology and its interaction with other sympatric ungulates and predators (tiger and leopard).

Grygoriy Prokopov

The Detection of Reference Conditions in the Rivers of the Crimean Mountains using the Macroinvertebrate Communities (Ukraine)

The main aim of our project is the identification, description and mapping of the best preserved ecosystems (reference sites) of the Crimean rivers.

Dr. Lalith Ekanayake

Conduction of Awareness Programmes on Sea Turtles and Coastal Biodiversity Conservation for the Coastal Communities in Southern and Eastern Coast of Sri Lanka

The aim is to educate the school children and coastal community to reduce the threat to the sea turtles and coastal environment while initiating long-term conservation activities.

Subrat Debata

Adding Knowledge and Popularizing Bat Conservation in Similipal Biosphere Reserve and its Adjoining Areas, Odisha, India

Exploring the bat fauna of Similipal Biosphere Reserve and fostering the conservation through outreach activities among local communities, students and forest officials.

Adrian Azpiroz

Pampas Meadowlark: Using a Flagship Species to Promote Conservation in South American Grasslands

This project focuses on the Pampas Meadowlark, a globally threatened bird. Proposed activities will combine research (population monitoring, colour banding, habitat management) and outreach work to strengthen grassland conservation outputs derived from previous phases of the project.