Vy Nguyen

The Ecology and Distribution of Two Globally Range-Restricted Galliform Species in South Vietnam

• The first aim of this study is to define the density and population of the Germain's Peacock - Pheasant and Orange-necked Partridge in Cat Tien National Park. • The second aim is to determine the important ecological variables, affecting distribution of the species in Cat Tien National Park, allowing us to predict their landscape distribution across their range.

Melina Velasco

Conserving the Endangered Laguna-Raimunda Frog (Atelognathus reverberii), Endemic from Northern Patagonian Steppe, Argentina

We aim to assess the distributional range and conservation status of the entire population of Atelognathus reverberii and to perform conservation activities to promote its long lasting viability.

Rodrigo Garcia Pingaro

Strengthening Strategies and Actions for the Management and Conservation of the Whales and Dolphins Sanctuary (Uruguay)

The aim is to promote the Sanctuary regulation which will be proposed with participation of the society, local communities and the private sector. These actions to put forward in the regulation will include environmental, socio-cultural and economic aspects focused on promoting the empowerment of key stakeholders in the medium and long term.

Doda James Patrice Ravonjiarisoa

Fungi Biodiversity Study and its Conservation through Conservation Active Learning at the Ranomafana National Park

This project contribute to improve the conservation training by active and scientific method and to tackle the lack of knowledge and research work on Fungi group at the rainyforest of Ranomafana.

Clay Plager-Unger

Dry Tropical Forest Revegetation Project

Restore endangered Dry Tropical Forest through revegetation of native tree species. Education workshops engage local communities in protecting this fragile ecosystem.

Morgan B Cooper

Public Access to Conservation Project at Juthour Arboretum: Ecopark in Palestine

This project aims to design and develop a walking trail, thereby providing visitor’s access to Juthour while maintaining the land as a protected space for biodiversity conservation.

Lucy Kemp

Re-Wilding of Southern Ground-Hornbills

The Project aims to slow and the reverse the decline of the Southern Ground-Hornbill through a multi-pronged evidence-based approach of education, reintroduction, custodianship and artificial nests.

Esther Van der Meer

Finding the Cheetahs of Zimbabwe; Cheetah Population and Human-Cheetah Conflict Survey in Southwest Zimbabwe

After covering the northwest/north last year, we aim to conduct a questionnaire based field survey in the southwest/south of Zimbabwe to gain an understanding of cheetah distribution, the levels of human-cheetah conflict and corridor use in this part of the country. This knowledge will help to strengthen the National conservation strategy of the species.

Vedharajan Balaji

Dugong Habitat Survey and Awareness in Northern Palk Bay

To create thematic GIS maps of seagrass beds, dugong feeding spots in Palk Bay and to create awareness among local youths on conservation of dugongs and its habitat.

Gopal Khanal

Distribution, Habitat Suitability and Wild Prey Base of Snow Leopard in the Api Nampa Conservation Area (ANCA), Bajhang and Humla Districts of Western Nepal

This project aims to obtain baseline information on distribution of snow leopard from far-western Himalayas of Nepal while sensitizing local communities on conservation and building their capacity on snow leopard monitoring.