Betty J.L. Laglbauer

Impacts, Alternative Solutions and Awareness of Mobula Fisheries in Indonesia

This project will combine fishing market surveys, citizen science, and interviews in West Nusa Tenggara to (1) describe species specific abundance at main aggregation sites, (2) describe species-specific foraging habits of mobulas, and (3) outreach activities to promote understanding between stakeholders while exploring potential solutions to reduce mobula by-catch and directed fisheries in Indonesia. Implementation of conservation measures on a local scale will be supported by producing information on the overlap of specific fisheries with potential feeding grounds, a photographic database, educational material, and recommendations for governmental institutions.

Sylviane Volampeno

Advancing the Conservation of the Blue-Eyed Black Lemur: Research, Awareness Raising and Development of Alternative Livelihoods

This project aims to conduct regular survey of the population of the blue-eyed black lemur throughout its range. It will also aim to develop alternative livelihoods for the local communities and will continue education and outreach activities about the conservation of the blue-eyed black lemur.

Pushpa Raj Acharya

Conservation Initiatives for Fruit Bats in Nepal

The status of fruit bat colonies in Nepal will be assessed during field surveys, and the information relayed to local communities and policy makers to ensure the conservation of the bats.

Marcela Marquez-Garcia

Enhancing Sustainable Agriculture and Biodiversity in Chile's Mediterranean Ecosystems: Evaluation of a Conservation Partnership with the Wine Industry

To investigate the drivers of conservation behavior adoption among winegrowers in Chile, as well as to evaluate the impact of an emerging initiative in fostering sustainable farming.

Iveren Abiem

Vegetation Patterns and Species Diversity of Naraguta Mountains in Jos, North-Central Nigeria

The project will document plant species composition of the Naraguta Mountains and will estimate the remaining area of the mountain covered by vegetation so that advocacy for its protection can be made.

Zephaniah Migeni

Community Environmental Conservation Project for Anyiko-Wetlands, Siaya County, Kenya

The project aims at enhancing restoration and conservation of the wetland through capacity development, Village Agroforestry establishment, Ecosan units’ installation, proper waste management and papyrus harvest zones creation.

Daniel Konzin

Assessment and Conservation of the Threatened Crocodiles Mecistops cataphractus and Osteolaemus tetraspis in Southern Ghana

This project aims to assess the population status and distribution of these crocodilians while enhancing their conservation values through environmental awareness campaigns.

Pierre Armand Mvogo-Ndongo

Comparative Study of Populations of Mangrove Crabs from Six Mangrove Ecosystems in Cameroon: Implications for Conservation

The project aims to assess the condition of mangrove ecosystems in Cameroon using mangrove crabs as indicator species, and to conserve these forests and the associated fauna through educating local communities.

Antonio Cádiz Díaz

Starting the First Long-Term Acoustic Monitoring Program of Amphibians in Cuba

We aim at establishing the first acoustic monitoring program of Cuban amphibians and to study the potential effects of climate change on amphibian breeding. Also, we will raise local awareness about the value of amphibians.

Karen Fuentes

Mexican Caribbean Manta Ray Project

Identify populations by a photographic database of manta rays, tag and obtain genetic samples, establish and education program, conservation, analyze impact of tourism and fishing activities.