Projects by Year

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Cintia Celsi

Promoting the Conservation of Pampean Coastal Ecosystems through the Creation of a Marine-Coastal Nature Reserve (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

This project aims to promote the creation of a marine-coastal nature reserve to contribute to the conservation of the Pampean coastal ecosystems, focusing on the development of ecological research and interaction with local communities.

Constanza Weinberger

Metapopulation Analysis of South American Sea Lion in Chile: Spatial Distribution, Conservation Management

This project aims to characterize the spatial distribution, genetic connectivity and environmental factors that may affect the distribution and dispersal patterns of the sea lion Otaria flavescens in Chile and carry out a viability metapopulation analysis for the species.

Cristóbal Pizarro

The Omora Bird Observatory – Long Term Ornithological Studies and Conservation in the Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve

Omora promotes the conservation of subantarctic avifauna through long-term research, education and ethical birding in Cape Horn Biosphere Reserve.

Damodar Gaire

Conservation Education and Communication Project (CECP)

The aim of the project is to create the community awareness among the indigenous people, school students and teachers on conservation education and disseminate their activities in local, national and international levels.

Daniel Renison

Native Forests, Wildlife and Water in Central Argentina: Fostering Public Ecological Understanding and Forest Restoration

We aim to contribute to the restoration of the native mountain forests of Central Argentina, and hence of wildlife, water resources and other valuable ecosystem services.

David Mirera

Strengthening and Empowering Silvofisheries Initiatives along the Coast of Kenya as a Tool for Community Participation in Mangrove Management

The project focuses on refining sustainable community silvofisheries technology that promotes alternative livelihoods and environmental protection in partnership with local communities as the final beneficiaries.

David Nkwanga

Pro-Poor Community Eco-Tourism Window for Sustainable Ecosystem Conservation, Community Participation and Wise Use of Mabamba Bay Ramsar Site, Uganda

The project aims at laying a firm foundation for Ecosystem conservation, Community Participation and wise-use through the eco-tourism window.

Didem Ambarli

Assessment of Current Condition of Steppes in Central Anatolia for Conservation Purposes

The aim of this project is to reveal the current condition of steppes by analysing bird, plant and butterfly communities, together with the human use and produce conservation guidelines.

Dilip Chetry

Conservation Status of Primates in Mouling National Park in the State of Arunachal Pradesh, India

The project aims to study the diversity and status of primate species in the park. Identification of threats and sharing of information with scientific community and policy makers are the other aims.

Diti Mookherjee

Programme to Conserve the Urban Biodiversity of West Bengal with School Students, India Phase II

We will try to consolidate the school projects on biodiversity conservation of four Kolkata schools, work more intensively with the 2 Durgapur schools, increase geographical coverage of the programme to include a school in Howrah district and increase networking.