Projects by Year

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Gordon Ajonina

Green Carbon Inventories and Sequestration in Mangrove Forest Stands with Various Wood Exploitation Pressures Along Central African Atlantic Coast, Cameroon

The project will aim to quantify carbon stocks and sequestration in mangrove forest stands subjected to different wood exploitation pressures with technical document useful for climate change projects.

Graziela Dotta

Biodiversity Conservation and Land Use Management in the Pampas Grasslands

The project aims to evaluate the trade-offs between conservation and agricultural production in different land uses in the Pampas grasslands.

Guozheng Sun

A Survey of the Nomascus concolor in Yongde Daxueshan National Nature Reserve of China

The aim of the project is to collect baseline information about population size, distribution patterns, and threats to western black crested gibbons in Yongde Daxueshan National Nature Reserve. Well targeted measures and recommendations will be made and offered to local reserve for gibbon and wildlife conservation based on this survey.

Gustavo Danemann

Community Development and Biodiversity Conservation of the Sierra de San Francisco (World Heritage Site and Biosphere Reserve) through Ecotourism

Pronatura Noroeste will improve the capacity to provide ecotourism services in the Cave Paintings World Heritage Site.

Halszka Hrabar

Cape Mountain Zebra Conservation – Ensuring the Future Stability of this Vulnerable Sub-Species

The project aims to gain a better understanding of current threats to Cape mountain zebra conservation, such as problems associated with small isolated populations. Activities necessary to deal with these threats will be identified and a comprehensive conservation and management plan will be compiled.

Hani Nusantari

Celebrate the International Year of Biodiversity by Increasing Awareness of Marine Biodiversity among Primary School Children in East Lombok - Indonesia

The project aims to introduce and promote the importance the biodiversity of marine ecosystem to primary school children

Hanyeh Ghaffari

Public Awareness, Education and Research for Protection Euphrates Soft-Shell Turtle in Khuzestan Province of Iran

The aims of this project are: 1- Establish baseline information about the habitat use, home range and Movement patterns of the species in order to develop a conservation management plan. 2- Education and awareness of local fishermen and also local children towards Euphrates soft-shell turtle protection. The project will merge research techniques with public participation.

Harsh Vardhan

Lake Conservation as Citizens' Initiative in India

The aim of the project is to conserve Jaipur's Man Sagar lake through peoples' participation, doing so by way of volunteering and organising annual Birding Fairs.

Heather Arrowood

Lake Oguemoué Ecotourism Pilot Project

The Pilot Project will explore the creation of an ecotourism site on Tsamtsam Island in Lake Oguemoué near Lambaréné, Gabon. Our aim is to determine if a model ecotourism operation is feasible and to develop a business plan and an action plan to move the project forward.

Hem Sagar Baral

Status and Conservation of Great Slaty Woodpecker Mulleripicus pulverulentus in Nepal

The project aims to map the existing habitat for Great Slaty Woodpecker in central and western lowlands, and also come up with current population estimate for Nepal. The project intends to involve several field researchers to develop field level research capacity and carry out education and awareness work at local and national level.