Diti Mookherjee

Programme to Conserve the Urban Biodiversity of Kolkata City with School Students

The aim of the Project is to impart knowledge about the biodiversity of Kolkata to school students and facilitate a process by which they can play their part in conserving the biodiversity and improving the natural environment of the city. In this manner they can gradually increase their knowledge and become sensitive to issues of environmental conservation.

Grace Pam

Conservation Education for Children in Plateau State, Nigeria: The Children for Nature Project (CFNP)

The CFNP aims at educating primary schools on nature and its conservation, by encouraging the inclusion of nature education in schools and the training of teachers on both outdoor and indoor nature teaching.

Andrea Elisa Izquierdo

Scenario-Based Conservation Planning of Argentine High Andean Wetlands: Geographic Patterns, Climate Change and Mining Prospects

This project will develop spatial conservation planning strategies for subtropical Argentine High Andean wetlands based on the most pressing threats expected for the coming decades.

Hoang Van Sam

Assessment and Conservation of Plant Biodiversity in Pa

The two aims of this project are 1. Conservation of plant biodiversity in Pa Phanh Mountain, Thanh Hoa province as well as in Vietnam and 2. Increase awareness of local authority, forest rangers, local people and students on biodiversity conservation, especially in Pa Phanh forest.

Ana Sofía Nanni

The Effects of Agriculture Modernization for Ecosystem Services in a Subtropical Watershed.

The aim of this project is to analyze how changes in land use due to agriculture modernization have affected the provision of the following ecosystem services: biomass storage, food production, watershed protection and biodiversity.

Zuzana Burivalova

Impact of Illegal Selective Logging on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services in Madagascar

The aim of this project is to assess the impact of illegal selective logging of precious hardwoods in north-eastern Madagascar on the native and introduced biodiversity of the humid forests.

Dr. Francesco Rovero

Boosting Local Capacity for Ecological Monitoring: Long-Term, Integrated Research and Conservation Programme in the Udzungwa Mountains, Tanzania

This project aims to consolidate ecological monitoring and research for anticipating population declines and boosting local capacity to respond to increasing threats in the Udzungwa Mountains of Tanzania, a global biodiversity hotspot.

Stephen Taranto

Tarapari Biodiversity Garden Butterfly Education and Conservation Resource Center

The aim of the project is to develop the Tarapari Bioversity Garden as a Butterfly Education and Conservation Resource Center to support butterfly appreciation and pride in the South Yungas region.

María Daniela Rodríguez

Effect of Land Use on Biodiversity Conservation: Generating Management Tools for Restoration of Desertified Arid Lands

The objective is to investigate the way biodiversity respond to changes on land use to propose management tools in order to improve local economy by protecting biodiversity.

Adams Chaskda

Increasing Urbanization Towards the Amurum Forest Reserve and the Jos Wildlife Park; Where Do We Draw the Line to Protect Local Fauna?

This work seeks to draw a limit on the advancing human settlements towards the Amurum Forest Reserve and the Jos Wildlife Park to ensure successful conservation of local species.