Ashok Kumar Ram

Geospatial Modelling to Assess Asian Elephant (Elephas maximus) Habitat Suitability, Migratory Routes and Human Elephant Interface in Eastern Nepal

The project has two aims: i. To assess the current habitat status, habitat suitability& migratory routes of wild elephants of eastern Nepal ii. To assess and map out the human elephant interface in Eastern Nepal

Mohan Dev Joshi

Distribution and Population Status of Paris polyphylla Sm. and its Conservation Challenges in Api-Nampa Conservation Area, Nepal

The major aim of this work is to support fulfilling the policy-practice gap for onsite conservation and sustainable management of Paris polyphylla by accessing population biology, spatial distribution and abundance, existing threats and awareness and understanding of local stakeholders.

Koustubh Sharma

Capacity Enhancement for Better Snow Leopard Conservation and Monitoring in Central Asia

The aim of this project is to hold an in-depth training to build local capacity for snow leopard conservation and monitoring. My goal is to equip snow leopard conservation practitioners in Mongolia with the knowledge, skills, and tools they need to effectively conserve the species and monitor conservation programs as well as biological populations.

Julia Baum

Coral Reef Conservation on the World’s Largest Atoll, Kiritimati

I will conduct the 4th year of coupled socioeconomic-ecological monitoring aimed at understanding how climate change and fishing affect Kiritimati’s reef health and human welfare

Sunil Thapa

Promotion of Alternative Energy for Conservation of Forest Resources

Through installation of ICS and assessment of the environmental change the project aims to assess the effectiveness of improved cooking stoves on forest conservation and livelihood improvement of the buffer zone community.

Aaron Killgore

Community Forest Management, Restoration and Conservation Education in Desa Ban, Bali, Indonesia

This initiative will engage small villages in East Bali to identify existing conservation values, and build on those values through education and outreach to help preserve adjacent government lands and restore the watershed.

Prabin Bhusal

Agroforestry Promotion for Livelihood Enhancement and Biodiversity Conservation (Pilot Project in the Panchase Protected Forest Area in Kaski District)

The aim of project is to promote awareness of agro-forestry practices in farm, degraded and unused land and to make people accept the Agroforestry Practices for livelihood improvement and biodiversity conservation.

Fachruddin Mangunjaya

Developing of Ex situ-Biodiversity Project and Ecosystem Services Education for Islamic Boarding School in West Java, Indonesia

The Project seeks to illustrate how Pesantren (or Islamic Boarding Schools) can preserve the environment and uphold biodiversity principles by building upon the work of the initial project.

Shailendra Kumar Yadav

The Conservation Status of Megafauna and Management Issues in Wildlife Corridors: A Case Study of Tigers in the Bardia-Katarniyaghat Corridor, Nepal

This project aims to compare the abundance of tiger’s prey density and the seasonal diets of tigers in the southwestern of Bardia National Park (BNP) and in the Bardia-Katarniyaghat wildlife corridor.

Hani Nusantari

Increasing Awareness of Marine Biodiversity among Primary School Children and Teachers in Lombok, Indonesia – Stage 2

This project will help to create a knowledgeable, informed and empowered local community who are capable of independently working towards greater conservation of marine ecosystems in Lombok into the future.