Chi Phan

Participatory Wetland Conservation in Yok Don National Park, Vietnam

This project will assess the potential for developing an adaptive co-management strategy for managing Yok Don National Park that can assist in resolving this conflict. Social-ecological systems models of park values, resource use and management will be jointly developed with local people and park managers to enhance shared understanding of the wetland system.

Camille Coudrat

Pilot School Education Project for Knowledge and Attitude Change towards Wildlife and Habitat in Nakai-Nam Theun National Protected Area, Laos

Implementation of a pilot environmental education project to increase knowledge about and change attitude towards nature in children and ultimately change the behaviour of the next generation in Nakai-Nam Theun National protected Area, Central-eastern Laos.

Michael Pimenov

Clarifying Conservation Status of Rare and Endangered Umbelliferae Species of Tajikistan

The aim of project is to elucidate the conservation status of ten species of the Umbelliferae family included in Red Data Book of Tajikistan.

Seejan Gyawali

Participatory Inventory and Sustainable Conservation of Sarus Crane (Grus antigone) in Farmlands of Lumbini, The Important Bird Area of Nepal

This project aims to conserve Sarus Crane, the flagship species in Lumbini IBA through continuous ecological monitoring, trainings and awareness rising activities to mitigate their major anthropogenic threats engaging local conservation agencies and local farmers.

Man Kumar Dhamala

Linking Conservation and Livelihoods: Developing Strategies for Community-based Medicinal Plant Conservation and Grazing Management in KCA, Nepal

The project aims to develop strategies to conserve important alpine medicinal plants and their habitats through community-based conservation.

Bikas Giri

Diversity and Distribution of Amphibians in Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal

he project aims to collect the baseline information on amphibian species diversity and their distribution along altitudinal gradients in Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal.

Pabitra Jha

Mitigating On-Going Human Elephant Conflict (HEC) in Sarlahi, Nepal

The proposed projects aims to raise awareness among local people of HEC sensitive VDCs of Sarlahi to tackle with future HEC related issues.

Erlinda C Kartika

Using Participatory Video and Storytelling Method as Environmental Education Tools to Increase People’s Tolerance toward Sumatran Tiger in West Sumatra

The project aim is to increase local people tolerance toward Sumatran tiger when human tiger conflict occurs in their area.

Kanchan Thapa

Buffer Zone Community Perception, Attitude and Belief towards Newly Establish Protected Area: A Case Study from Banke National Park

The main aim of the project is the assess the people’s perception, attitude and belief toward the newly established protected areas across the buffer zone of Banke National Park in Terai Arc Landscape.

Raju Acharya

Conservation of Owls in Nepal

Our proposed project aims to make local people and students aware of the owls' biology, its ecological importance and legal provision in case of hunting and trade, thus helping to conserve them.