Ly Quoc Dang

Enhancement Awareness of Local People to Protect Bats and Khmer Culture in the Mekong Delta of Vietnam

The project has two aims first to enhance students, local people and tourists about the Bats and to improve local people’s livelihood and secondly to protect Bats in the community and region as well as influence scientists and young researchers.

Arif Setiawan

Coffee and Primate Conservation in Central Java, Indonesia

The aim of project is to conserve the Javan gibbon’s population and it’s habitat in central Java, in contribution to the national action plan for Javan gibbon 2012-2021.

Chloe Hunt

Capacity Building and Regional Expansion of Green Fins

This project aims to effect change within the diving industry and among local communities through the implementation of the Green Fins approach, a tool for supporting adoption and implementation of best practice for the protection of coral reefs.

Tun-Min Poh

Kinabatangan River Spirit Initiative: Contributing to Freshwater Conservation and Sustainable Livelihoods in the Lower Kinabatangan River

The Kinabatangan River Spirit Initiative seeks to empower local riverine communities for local-level action in the Lower Kinabatangan Catchment, North Borneo, and improve river health, focusing on the long-term viability of fish populations.

Milton Norman Medina

Plecoptera Fauna of Compostela Valley Province, Mindanao Island, Philippines

The present project is the first extensive survey for Plecoptera in Compostela Valley Province, Mindanao and even in the Philippines. With only 25 species recorded in the country, we are aiming to increase this list, discover more new plecopteran species, and try to design (i.e. handout of Plecoptera fauna) and initiate activities leading to the preservation and protection of these important species.

Kim Notin

Steppe to Sustainability

Bactrian camels have a relatively low impact on the steppe grasslands and offer interesting economic possibilities for herders. Therefore, to meet both conservation and development objectives, the Steppe to Sustainability project aims to improve camel-based livelihood activities in the herding communities surrounding the Przewalski’s horse reintroduction site in Mongolia.

Jo Marie Acebes

Research and Conservation of a Humpback Whale Winter Breeding Ground in Northern Luzon, Philippines

The project aims to monitor the humpback whale population in the area, enhance the environmental education outreach campaign and provide technical support to local stakeholders for the conservation of whales in the Babuyan Islands.

Badrul Azhar

Conservation Status of Sun Bears and other Native Mammals in Threatened Tropical Peat Swamp Forest

This study is aimed to provide baseline information on the density and site occupancy rates of Sun Bear and other native mammals in peat swamp forest. This study will also address the urgent need for determining the ecological response of Sun Bears to deforestation and illegal hunting.

Thiri Dae We Aung

Preliminary Population Assessment of Green Peafowl Pavo muticus at Central Myanmar

The aims of the project are to estimate the population in a particular habitat within a particular period and to update the population status of that species in central Myanmar.

Kamal Thapa

Conflict, Conservation and Resource Use in Protected Areas: Case Study from Annapurna Conservation Area and Parsa Wildlife Reserve, Nepal

Protected Areas (PAs) are the store house of rich bio-diversity and are also the source of livelihoods for adjacent community. Park People relation determines the fate of any PAs. This study aims to explore the broad spectrum of participation in conservation practices, resource usage and conflict pattern in Annapurna Conservation Area & Parsa Wildlife Reserve, Nepal.