Nirmala Pradhan

Study on the Bryofloral Diversity, Their Current Status and Conservation Issues in Central and South-eastern Region of Sindhupalchok District, Central Nepal

This work documents diversity of bryophytes of the southern and central parts of Sindhupalchok district and relates conservation issues and runs community based awareness program.

Zhiwen Zhu

A Snare Removal Campaign to Reducing the Threat of Poaching to Endangered Amur Tigers, Critically Endangered Amur Leopards, and their Prey in Hunchun, China

The project aims to create a snare removal campaign that will encourage local communities, government, and media involvement, as well as improve capacity of law enforcement officials.

Yotam Barr

Manta Ray Conservation in the Philippines

We aim to gather data regarding manta rays population status, life traits and fishing trends, to improve management of MPA's and shift from non-sustainable to sustainable practice.

Ugyen Tshering

Distribution and Abundance of Ungulates along the Altitudinal Gradients in Royal Manas National Park

This study aims to establish baseline data on the distribution and abundance of ungulates- the principal prey for tiger with respect to varying habitat types in Royal Manas National Park.

Rinchen Namgay

Habitat Mapping and Assessing Conservation Threats of Black-Necked Cranes Wintering in Bhutan

The aims of the project are to accurately map the roosting and foraging habitats of Black- necked cranes wintering in Bhutan. And also to assess and report the conservation threats.

Kalpana Bisht

Understanding Ecology and Enhancing Conservation Status of Bluebull in Nepal: A Case Study of Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve

The aim is to assess the ecology of blue bulls and understand its conflicts with the local communities in Shuklaphanta Willdife Reserve.

Krizler Tanalgo

Assessment of Wildlife Hunting and Trade along Local Communities in Two Conservation Sites on Mindanao Island, Philippines

This project aims to yield information on the extent of wildlife hunting and trade in two conservation areas in Mindanao, specifically in Mt. Apo National Park and Mt. Matutum Protected Landscape. It also aims to escalate wildlife conservation awareness of locals and indigenous people in the study sites leading to conservation.

Khadananda Paudel

Protecting the Critically Endangered Vultures of Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve and Kailali District, Nepal through Community-Based Integrated Approaches

The project will implement community based approach to stop veterinary use of diclofenac and conserve vultures in Kailali and Kanchanpur districts of Nepal.

Tulsi Subedi

Raptor Migration Study and Conservation Camps Along the Migration Corridor and Wintering Ground in Nepal

This project aims to study autumn migration pattern of diurnal raptors along the east to west flyway south of Annapurna Himalaya and conduct conservation camps in the wintering areas of Nepal.

Nantida Sutummawong

Assessing the Climate Change Vulnerability of Bird Biodiversity in the Rainforests of Thailand

This study aims to provide a comprehensive assessment of the climate change vulnerability of rainforests birds, which accounts for ~25% of Thailand’s vertebrate biodiversity.