Licia Ho

Conservation Genetic of Endangered Nasalis larvatus in Sarawak, Borneo

This project was aim to provide empirical genetic data within and among N. larvatus populations in Sarawak, and to elucidate their gene flow, genetic structure.

Hemanta Kumar Yadav

Population Structure, Nutritional Ecology, Movement, Interaction Patterns of Swamp Deer with Tiger and other Predators in the Western Landscape, Nepal

The project aims at understanding the ecology of swamp deer (Cervus duvauceli duvauceli) with emphasis on seasonal group structure, population structure, seasonal movement, nutrition ecology and its interaction with other sympatric ungulates and predators (tiger and leopard).

Shambhu Paudel

Understanding Populations of Most Endangered Ganges River Dolphins (Platanista gangetica) in Nepal and Initiating Local Efforts to Conserve Remaining Population

This study will assess the status and habitat condition, during low water season, of the Ganges River Dolphin using systematic approaches in Nepal required for developing “Dolphin Recovery Action Plan in Nepal” and raise awareness/stewardship among local people to conserve prime habitats.

Ambika Prasad Khatiwada

Community Based Asiatic Wild Dog or Dhole (Cuon alpinus) Conservation Project in Kangchenjunga Conservation Area, Nepal

This project is designed to implement the first ever comprehensive action towards saving dholes through active involvement of local community.

Dede Aulia Rahman

Estimation of Density Using Capture-Recapture Analysis of Camera Traping & Behavior Study of a Threatened and Poorly Known Deer: The Bawean Deer (Axis kuhlii)

This research will investigate the Bawean deer population using camera traps and monitor the activity pattern and growth level of Bawean deer. Additionally, it will be tested with other population estimation method using pellet count and line transect method.

Ashoka Deegoda Gamage

The Enigmatic Crop Raiders of Udawalawe: A First Step Towards Mitigating Human Elephant Conflict (HEC) in Sri Lanka

To identify elephants that involve in Human elephant conflict, their social associations and demography in the bordering villages of the Udawalawe national park and asses the human dimension of the HEC to suggest scientifically based sustainable solutions to mitigate human elephant conflict in the area.

Maksatbek Anarbaev

Capacity Enhancement for Better Wildlife Conservation and Monitoring in Kyrgyzstan

The project aims to work on capacity enhancement of rangers and local conservationists for better wild-life conservation and monitoring by using modern technologies such as satellite collars, sensor video and photo cameras. Awareness creation about globally threatened wild species and community involvement to wild-life conservation activities through education.

Niti Sukumal

Collecting Information and Monitoring the Situation of Green Peafowl (Pavo muticus) in Pristine Habitat in Thailand and Disturbed Habitat in Northern Vietnam

The projects aims are to investigate important aspects of the species ecological requirements and train rangers or locals to carry on a long-term monitoring plan.

Nabin Baral

Examining the Resilience of the Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal

The project aims to examine how the Annapurna Conservation Area (ACA) is adapting to rapid changes in Nepal. Building upon the previous research projects, the data will be collected and analyzed within a comparative study framework to detect changes over time.

Milan Sapkota

Feeding Ecology, Habitat Preference, Distribution and Awareness Programme for Conservation of Himalayan Black Bear in Kanchanjungha Conservation Area, Nepal

The project aims to study feeding ecology, habitat preference and distribution of Himalayan black bear including its threats in Kanchanjungha Conservation Area, Nepal.