Pilot Dovih

Assessment of Hunting Pressure and Conservation Status of Bats in and Around Mt. Saramati, and the Impacts of Bats on Public Health

Our study aims at knowing the species composition in this area, which will give us insight to take up better conservation management plans required to ensure long term conservation. Our study also aims at understanding disease transmission from bats to humans through this bats harvest.

Long Vu

Conservation Status of Cetaceans in Kien Giang Biosphere Reserve, Kien Giang Province, Vietnam

Our proposed project is aimed to ascertain the cetacean’s conservation status in Kien Giang Biosphere Reserve, as well as improve local people awareness on these animals.

Roshan Sherchan

Assessing and Tackling Human Wildlife Conflict (HWC) in Langtang National Park, Rasuwa District, Nepal

The project attempts to understand dynamics of human wildlife conflict in Langtang National Park and helps mitigate conflicts by field level intervention and policy orientation.

Pema Dendup

Response of Red Panda to its Habitat with Natural and Anthropogenic Disturbances in Thrumshingla National Park

The project aims to analyse the effect of natural and anthropogenic disturbances and assess environmental variables on the occurrence of Red Panda.

Truong Nguyen

Evolution on Limestone Karst: A Case Study on the Diversity of the Herpetofauna in Northewestern Vietnam

The major aims of this research are 1) to fill the knowledge gaps regarding the reptile and amphibian diversity in limestone forests of Hoa Binh Province and 2) to provide appropriate recommendations for the herpetofaunal conservation in northwestern Vietnam.

Hari Prasad Sharma

Conservation of Red Pandas in Nepal: Characterizing Disease, Livestock Mitigation, and Public Education

The current aim of this study is to conduct a conservation education program to raise awareness on the local people to reduce livestock use in red panda habitat.

Julia Nelson

Study on Compatibility between the Forest Law and the Native Law and their Impacts on Bidayuh Indigenous Community in Sarawak

This project aims to study on the compatibility between the Forest Law and the Native Law in forest and as well as to find the impact of the existing forest laws towards the forest dependent Bidayuh indigenous community in Sarawak.

Licia Ho

Conservation Genetic of Endangered Nasalis larvatus in Sarawak, Borneo

This project was aim to provide empirical genetic data within and among N. larvatus populations in Sarawak, and to elucidate their gene flow, genetic structure.

Hemanta Kumar Yadav

Population Structure, Nutritional Ecology, Movement, Interaction Patterns of Swamp Deer with Tiger and other Predators in the Western Landscape, Nepal

The project aims at understanding the ecology of swamp deer (Cervus duvauceli duvauceli) with emphasis on seasonal group structure, population structure, seasonal movement, nutrition ecology and its interaction with other sympatric ungulates and predators (tiger and leopard).

Shambhu Paudel

Understanding Populations of Most Endangered Ganges River Dolphins (Platanista gangetica) in Nepal and Initiating Local Efforts to Conserve Remaining Population

This study will assess the status and habitat condition, during low water season, of the Ganges River Dolphin using systematic approaches in Nepal required for developing “Dolphin Recovery Action Plan in Nepal” and raise awareness/stewardship among local people to conserve prime habitats.