Rinzin Phunjok Lama

Abundance, Distribution and Conservation Initiative of the Pallas’s Cat (Otocolobus manul) – The New Cat Species for Nepal

The proposed project will collect the baseline data on the abundance, distribution and conservation status of the newly reported Pallas’s cat (Otocolobus manul) in Nepal Himalaya.

Li Li

Study on the Alpine Birds of the Nomadic Landscape in the Eastern Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau: Evaluating the Ecological Impact of Recent Pasture Land-Use Changes

The project aims to evaluate the impacts of pasture land-use changes on alpine avian habitats in Nyanpo Yutse Mountain region. We will conduct the breeding season bird survey and work with local herders to develop a community conservation plan for birds.

Gopal Khanal

Distribution, Habitat Suitability and Wild Prey Base of Snow Leopard in the Api Nampa Conservation Area (ANCA), Bajhang and Humla Districts of Western Nepal

This project aims to obtain baseline information on distribution of snow leopard from far-western Himalayas of Nepal while sensitizing local communities on conservation and building their capacity on snow leopard monitoring.

Dominique Bertrand

The Stress Factor: Examining Anthropogenic Sources of Stress in Wild M. nigra

My aims are to test the hypothesis that levels of stress are related to levels of tourism and/or range-restriction in groups of wild Macaca nigra, to pinpoint the tourist characteristics and range-restriction methods that are most and least stressful, and to distinguish between acute vs. chronic stress responses.

Manh Hung Bui

Structure and Restoration of Natural Secondary Forests for Biodiversity and Wood Supply in the Central Highlands, Vietnam

This project is to restore and conserve natural secondary forests as well as to bring habitat and environment back for fauna and flora species in the Central Highlands, Vietnam.

Nurul Winarni

Building and Mapping the Indicator of Biodiversity Ecosystem along the Park Boundary

This study is a combination of both monitoring survey and community engagement to build and map the indicator of biodiversity ecosystem services around the edge of the park.

Dikpal Krishna Karmacharya

Population Modelling and Participatory Conservation of Endangered Vultures in Nepal Himalaya

The main aspires of this project are to support in-situ conservation efforts for slow reproducing, long lived, culturally and ecologically important vulture species through continuous monitoring for modelling, comparisons and future predictions in Nepal Himalaya together with training and awareness activities.

Vinh Quang Luu

Exploration of the Herpetofauna Diversity in Karst Forests of the Hin Nam No National Protected Area, Central Laos

The main goal is to elucidate the feedbacks of ecological adaptations on evolutionary process of the amphibians and reptiles in and surrounding Hin Nam No National Protected Area.

Sunil Lal Rajbhandari

Investigation of Population, Habitat and Hatching success of Gavialis gangeticus in Chitwan National Park

The aims of the study are: assess the population of Gavialis gangeticus in Narayani River; study the basking activities of gharials in relation to water depth; study the hatching success of gharials; and generate awareness and education towards gharials amongst and between conservationists, local communities, natural resource managers and policy makers.

Nirmala Pradhan

Study on the Bryofloral Diversity, Their Current Status and Conservation Issues in Central and South-eastern Region of Sindhupalchok District, Central Nepal

This work documents diversity of bryophytes of the southern and central parts of Sindhupalchok district and relates conservation issues and runs community based awareness program.