Eni Hidayati

Youth-Based Coral Nursery for Future Rehabilitation in Sumbawa Island, Indonesia

This project aims to establish youth-based coral nursery for future coral rehabilitation in the north coast of Sumbawa

Maggie Muurmans

A Holistic Approach to Community Ecosystem Conservation In Pulau Banyak, Aceh, Indonesia

The project aims to study, conserve and increase awareness of various aspects of the island’s anthropological and biological diversity. High levels of public awareness and support are achieved by combining charismatic umbrella species with eco-tourism programmes in turn creating incentives to protect fragile ecosystems and the services they provide.

Buddi Sagar Poudel

Himalayan Grassland Ecosystems: Understanding the Impacts of Intensifying Pastoralism on Key Plant-Herbivore Relationships

This study will quantify changes in plant communities in response to livestock grazing and effects on a common herbivore, the Himalayan marmot in the Nepalese Trans-Himalaya.

Altay Zhatkanbayev

Carry Out Research and Actions for Supporting Survival Ile Subspecies of Turkestan Ground-Jay (Podoces panderi ilensis) and Saving their Habitats in Kazakhstan

Proposed research and conservation actions will allow to estimate more carefully modern population trend for Ile subspecies of Turkestan Ground-jay (Podoces panderi ilensis) is involved into IUCN Red List and Red Data Book of the Republic of Kazakhstan and Red Data Book of Almaty's administrative region, and is just one endemic subspecies (geographically isolated population) among bird fauna of Qazaqstan. The realization of project will be one of practical contents in fulfilment of general conception of sustainable development and environment conservation in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Fernando Nájera

Identification of Disease Threats for the Sunda Clouded Leopard and Endangered Bornean Felids in a Fragmented Landscape. The Bornean Wild Cat Vet Project

We aim to identify possible pathogen exposure to the unique guild of endangered Bornean felids inhabiting a fragmented landscape in Sabah, with special emphasis in the Sunda clouded leopard.

Caroline Staub

Hydrologic Processes on Small Islands: Linkages Between Climate, Human Activity and Water Availability in Mauritius

The overarching goal of this study is to understand the relative effects of climate variability and anthropogenic pressure on water availability in Mauritius.

Yelena Gambarova

Rare Plant Conservation in Azerbaijan: Monitoring Threats and Education of Local Community

The overarching project goal is to conserve rare plant in Azerbaijan by facilitating the availability of quality science for making conservation decisions.

Reuben Clements

The Population Status of Big Cats in a Threatened Wildlife Corridor in Peninsular Malaysia

In a threatened wildlife corridor known as Primary Linkage 7 in the state of Terengganu, Peninsular Malaysia, we aim to determine baseline population density estimates of three big cat species (Tiger, Leopard and Clouded Leopard) in order to facilitate monitoring of population trends. Our findings will be used to lobby for the corridor to be gazetted as a protected area.

Mohan Chandra Bishwakarma

Participatory Turtle Conservation Project in Jagadishpur Reservoir, a Ramsar Site, Kapilvastu, Nepal

The project aims to aware and involve local communities and local enforcement agencies to reduce unsustainable exploitation and control illegal turtle trade activities in Jagadishpur reservoir.

Georgiy Shakula

Menzbir Marmot (Marmota menzbieri) Survey and Conservation

The field research of endemic Menzbir Marmot population should be done as well as conservation efforts to prevent illegal hunting on them in the area of Sayram-Ugam National Park.