Leonid Averyanov

Mapping and Assessment of Xanthocyparis vietnamensis Subpopulations in Cao Bang, Ha Giang and Lang Son Provinces (Vietnam)

Discovery and assessment of new subpopulations of tertiary relictual conifer – Xanthocyparis vietnamensis in 3 earlier unexplored areas of Cao Bang, Ha Giang and Lang Son provinces.

Meng Qinghui

Conservation of the Endangered Siberian Musk Deer (Moschus moschiferus) in the Great Xing’anling, Inner Mongolia of China

To assess status of endangered Siberian musk deer; to evaluate the impacts from the local communities; and to carry out environmental educating and nature-consciousness-developing.

Prakash Thapa

Conservation Initiatives of Canids in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve (DHR), Nepal

The aim of the project is to generate information on status of canids and human-canids conflict in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve, Nepal.

Nguyen Duc To Luu

Conservation of Endangered Species of Conifers in Xuan Nha Nature Reserve

Obtaining clear information on distribution and status of 3 threatened conifers in Xuan Nha Nature Reserve and strengthen participation of local people in conservation of conifer trees through a community-based club.

Vy Nguyen

The Ecology and Distribution of Two Globally Range-Restricted Galliform Species in South Vietnam

• The first aim of this study is to define the density and population of the Germain's Peacock - Pheasant and Orange-necked Partridge in Cat Tien National Park. • The second aim is to determine the important ecological variables, affecting distribution of the species in Cat Tien National Park, allowing us to predict their landscape distribution across their range.

Nawal Shrestha

Sustainable Utilization and Management of Threatened Medicinal Plants in Tinjure Milke Jaljale Area, Eastern Nepal

The present work aims to identify vulnerable species, quantify threat level and promote sustainable management of medicinal plants using participatory community approach model. The findings of the present work will facilitate preparation of action plans and management strategies to conserve medicinal plants in Tinjure-Milke-Jaljale area.

Jo Marie Acebes

Conservation of a Humpback Whale Winter Breeding Ground in Northern Luzon, Philippines

This project will continue monitoring of the humpback whale population in the region and enhance the marine conservation educational outreach campaign. It also aims to increase the capacity of local stakeholders to manage their proposed Marine Protected and Humpback Whale Conservation Area.

Benjamin Hayes

Establishing Community Patrolling to Protect the Endangered Indochinese Silvered Langur, Phnom Kulen National Park, Cambodia

This project aims to establish the first nature trails in the park and through tourism support and develop sustainable community patrolling that facilitates the conservation of this endangered primate and its habitat.

Tshewang Dorji

Seeking the Middle Path: Using Seedling Shelters to Permit Grazing in the Restoration and Conservation of Native Brown Oak Forests in Bhutan

To find a middle path where by grazing and regeneration of oak forests can be simultaneously incorporated without compromising the livelihood or conservation priorities.

Clare Duncan

Planning for Change: Managing Mangroves in the Face of Climate Change

This project will provide vital information on the ecosystem services provision of restored and natural mangrove forests on Panay Island, Philippines, as well as building local community-based restoration and monitoring capacity. The aim of the project is to improve knowledge on how restoration design influences mangrove ecosystem services provisioning, in order to improve the ability of the mangroves to protect communities from the future impacts of climate change.