Bruce Levick

Seblat Conservation Camera Trap Project

The project will provide a better understanding about the biodiversity of the 8.000 hectare large conservation forest area in Seblat, north Bengkulu. Providing data in the form of the remaining populations of wildlife.

Kamal Thapa

Assessment of Benefits and Evaluation of Ecosystem Services in Langtang National Park, Nepal

This project aims to assess the benefit, identify key ecosystem services and valuation of ecosystem services in Langtang National Park, Nepal.

Sara Thornton

Evaluating the Ecological and Cultural Services Provided by Tropical Forest Ecosystems: Freshwater Fish and the Use of Fish Ponds as a Sustainable Livelihood Source in Central Kalimantan, Indonesia

The project aims are: 1) to assess the fish communities in the forest and river; 2) assess the importance of fish and fishing to the local communities and 3) to evaluate the use of fish ponds as a sustainable livelihood source.

Linda North

Conservation of Coastal Marine Eco-Systems of Aceh Besar by Supporting Traditional Fishing Commanders to Set Up Locally Managed Marine Protected Areas.

The project aims to reduce use of destructive methods of fishing on reefs by capacity building local fishing commanders to set up marine protected areas and ban use of such methods.

Vu Dinh Thong

Conservation of Flying Foxes (Pteropus spp.) in Vietnam

This project aims at both academic research and conservation of flying foxes with particular emphases on effective actions for urgent and long-term conservation of the last remaining colonies and roosting sites in Vietnam.

Leonid Averyanov

Mapping and Assessment of Xanthocyparis vietnamensis Subpopulations in Cao Bang, Ha Giang and Lang Son Provinces (Vietnam)

Discovery and assessment of new subpopulations of tertiary relictual conifer – Xanthocyparis vietnamensis in 3 earlier unexplored areas of Cao Bang, Ha Giang and Lang Son provinces.

Meng Qinghui

Conservation of the Endangered Siberian Musk Deer (Moschus moschiferus) in the Great Xing’anling, Inner Mongolia of China

To assess status of endangered Siberian musk deer; to evaluate the impacts from the local communities; and to carry out environmental educating and nature-consciousness-developing.

Prakash Thapa

Conservation Initiatives of Canids in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve (DHR), Nepal

The aim of the project is to generate information on status of canids and human-canids conflict in Dhorpatan Hunting Reserve, Nepal.

Nguyen Duc To Luu

Conservation of Endangered Species of Conifers in Xuan Nha Nature Reserve

Obtaining clear information on distribution and status of 3 threatened conifers in Xuan Nha Nature Reserve and strengthen participation of local people in conservation of conifer trees through a community-based club.

Vy Nguyen

The Ecology and Distribution of Two Globally Range-Restricted Galliform Species in South Vietnam

• The first aim of this study is to define the density and population of the Germain's Peacock - Pheasant and Orange-necked Partridge in Cat Tien National Park. • The second aim is to determine the important ecological variables, affecting distribution of the species in Cat Tien National Park, allowing us to predict their landscape distribution across their range.