Katrina Fernandez

Status of the Hairy Nosed Otter (Lutra sumatrana) in Peninsular Malaysia

Establish the distribution and abundance of Hairy Nosed Otter populations in Peninsular Malaysia And Gather information on the habitat, ecology and threats to their populations. While Identifying areas for species-based conservation and engage local communities, who depend on the resources of the rivers, in the conservation process.

Thakur Silwal

Human Wildlife Encounters in Chitwan National Park, Nepal

Wildlife attacks on humans are prominent challenges to the communities and park authorities around protected areas. The main aim of this project is to understand social and physical factors of attacks, victims' livelihoods and awareness programs for co-existence between globally threatened flagship species and local communities in Chitwan National Park (CNP), Nepal.

Toai Nguyen

Community-Based Ecotourism Activities and Conservation of Vietnam’s Bu Gia Map National Park

This project will examine and integrate cultural and natural landscapes into a community-based ecotourism program to preserve the high values of biodiversity in Bu Gia Map National Park with accounts for local needs.


Contribution of Community Forest towards Forest Fire Reduction in Punakha District

Find out the real contribution of community forest in forest fire management with the active involvement of local people in the forest management through decentralization.

Shantosh Karki

Community Based Strategy for Conservation of Lesser Adjutant Stork (Leptoptilos javanicus) in Eastern Lowland of Nepal

he main aim of this project is to develop a community level conservation strategy and its corresponding operational plan for implementation towards a sustainable conservation of the Lesser Adjutant Stork's population and its habitat in eastern lowlands of Nepal.

Thi Hoa Hong Dao

The Status of Red-Listed Tree Species and Recommended Conservation Measures in Ta Xua Nature Reserve in North-Western Vietnam

The aims of the project are: (1) to investigate the status of red-listed tree species in the study site, (2) to determine key ecological and human disturbance factors which affect on the appearance and distribution of red-listed tree species, and (3) to recommend the conservation measures for them.

Sapai Min

Assessment of the Impacts of Wildlife Trade in Relation to Conservation in Mong-La City, East Shan State, Myanmar (China Border City)

Project aims To investigate which wildlife species are being traded, To assess the status of protection afforded to those species in trade; and, to investigate trade routes

Shambhu Paudel

Examining Ecological Factors Influencing Distribution, Abundance and Surfacing Behaviours of Endangered Dolphins in Major River Systems of Nepal

Sparsely sighted population and southern shifting pattern of river dolphin distribution is identified conservation threats for river dolphin in Nepal. Therefore, this project aims to identify the ecological factors that affect river dolphin distribution, abundance and behaviours (surfacing and dive) in Nepalese river systems of Nepal.

Jigme Wangchuk

Assessment of Aquatic Biodiversity in Phobjikha Valley

Main purpose of this project is to document the diversity of macroinvertebrates. This is going to serve the baseline information for the future plan and management of conservation area as the area lacks information particularly on aquatic biodiversity.

Fedor Sarayev

Assessment of Bird of Prey Mortality Caused by Electricity Power Lines in Mangistau Region, Kazakhstan

Project realization will minimize negative impact of power lines on birds of prey in Mangistau region: the most dangerous sections of the power lines grid would be identified for technical modification funded by the owners of the power lines.