Rinchen Namgay

Habitat Mapping and Assessing Conservation Threats of Black-Necked Cranes Wintering in Bhutan

The aims of the project are to accurately map the roosting and foraging habitats of Black- necked cranes wintering in Bhutan. And also to assess and report the conservation threats.

Kalpana Bisht

Understanding Ecology and Enhancing Conservation Status of Bluebull in Nepal: A Case Study of Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve

The aim is to assess the ecology of blue bulls and understand its conflicts with the local communities in Shuklaphanta Willdife Reserve.

Krizler Tanalgo

Assessment of Wildlife Hunting and Trade along Local Communities in Two Conservation Sites on Mindanao Island, Philippines

This project aims to yield information on the extent of wildlife hunting and trade in two conservation areas in Mindanao, specifically in Mt. Apo National Park and Mt. Matutum Protected Landscape. It also aims to escalate wildlife conservation awareness of locals and indigenous people in the study sites leading to conservation.

Khadananda Paudel

Protecting the Critically Endangered Vultures of Suklaphanta Wildlife Reserve and Kailali District, Nepal through Community-Based Integrated Approaches

The project will implement community based approach to stop veterinary use of diclofenac and conserve vultures in Kailali and Kanchanpur districts of Nepal.

Tulsi Subedi

Raptor Migration Study and Conservation Camps Along the Migration Corridor and Wintering Ground in Nepal

This project aims to study autumn migration pattern of diurnal raptors along the east to west flyway south of Annapurna Himalaya and conduct conservation camps in the wintering areas of Nepal.

Nantida Sutummawong

Assessing the Climate Change Vulnerability of Bird Biodiversity in the Rainforests of Thailand

This study aims to provide a comprehensive assessment of the climate change vulnerability of rainforests birds, which accounts for ~25% of Thailand’s vertebrate biodiversity.

Luca Budello

Building Institutional Capacity Towards the Development of a Community-Led Coral Reef Management Programme in the Koh Sdach Archipelago, Cambodia

Shallow Waters works towards the development of a community-led natural resource management plan in Koh Sdach, leading to the creation of Cambodia second Marine Protected Area.

Yong Min Pui

Establishment of the Bornean Amphibian Conservation and Rescue Center: In Conserving Two Critically Endangered Species of Pelophryne in Borneo

The project aims to establish the Bornean Amphibian Conservation and Rescue Center (BACRC), in Borneo, in ensuring a long-term ex situ management of the threatened and endemic amphibian species.

Kim Lien To

Literacy for Environmental Justice in Vietnam

There are two aims: • Develop outdoor environmental justice literacy curriculum for urban primary and secondary school students that addresses pressing issues and is linked to the content of the national curriculum. • Provide hands-on environmental justice literacy programs to students from primary and secondary schools in Hanoi.

Pilot Dovih

Assessment of Hunting Pressure and Conservation Status of Bats in and Around Mt. Saramati, and the Impacts of Bats on Public Health

Our study aims at knowing the species composition in this area, which will give us insight to take up better conservation management plans required to ensure long term conservation. Our study also aims at understanding disease transmission from bats to humans through this bats harvest.