Truong Quang Nguyen

The World’s Most Beautiful Geckos Facing Extinction: Population Assessment of Cnemaspis psychelelica in Southern Vietnam and Conservation Measures

This project aims to assess the population status and ecological characters of Cnemaspis psychedelica in Vietnam as a basis for implementation of the follow up conservation measures in order to protect this species from extinction.

Prabin Bhusal

Agroforestry Promotion for Livelihood Enhancement and Biodiversity Conservation (Project in the Community Forest User Groups in Kavre, Nepal)

The project promotes awareness of agroforestry practices in farm, degraded and unused land for livelihood improvement of local farmers and biodiversity conservation.

Hemanta Kumar Yadav

Ecology and Conservation of Swamp Deer (Recervus duvaucelii duvaucelii) in Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve, Nepal

The project aims to investigate the seasonal ranging behaviour of swamp deer and interaction with tiger in Shuklaphanta Wildlife Reserve, Nepal.


Assessment of Nika Chu Freshwater Ecology under Jigme Singye Wangchuck National Park through Using Freshwater Fish Diversity and Habitats as Bio-Indicator

Our aim: 1. Assess the fish diversity and their habitats. 2. Create awareness on importance of freshwater ecosystem through using fish as bio-indicator.

Chiranjeevi Khanal

Status, Distribution And Conservation Initiatives Of Striped Hyaena ( Hyaena hyaena) In Deukhuri Valley, Dang Nepal

Project aims to find out Status and Distribution of Striped Hyaena in Deukhuri Valleyand to change the Negative perception of people toward Hyaena through Awareness activities.

Sangay Drukpa

Status of Black-Necked Crane and Population Dynamic with Availability of Food (Fallen Grains) in Trashiyangtse Wintering Habitat

The aim is to see the status and population trend of Black-necked Crane in Trashiyangtse wintering habitat over the years; to see the relationship between availability for food (fallen grains) and changing behavior in the feeding areas over time; and to analyze farmer’s perception on the preferred variety of rice grown in the feeding areas.

Dao Viet Long

Conservation of Tam Hai's Coral Reef Biodiversity through Community-Based Coral Transplantation in Quang Nam Province

Conservation of Tam Hai's coral reef biodiversity through community-based coral transplantation in Quang Nam province.

Robert van Zalinge

Improving Stakeholder Understanding of Sarus Crane Ecological Requirements for Management of Key Wetlands in Cambodia

The project will study ecological requirements of Sarus Cranes at key wetlands used in the dry season with direct participation of local community conservation groups.

Raju Acharya

Owl Conservation in Western Hill of Nepal

The main aim of the project is to reduce hunting and trade intensity at local and national level via educating stakeholders.

Bikram Shrestha

Interaction between Sympatric Species (Snow Leopard, Common Leopard and Lynx) and their Conservation in Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal

The first aim of the proposed project is to study interaction between two closely related species of large cats, the endangered snow leopard and the near threatened common leopard, and the vulnerable lynx which are living as sympatric in Lower Mustang of Annapurna Conservation Area. The second is to assess the effectiveness of adopted human- snow leopard and co-predators conflict mitigation measures and the degree of tolerance towards the predators considering livestock depredation.