Supatchaya Techachoochert

Population Size And Ecology Of Giant Nuthatch (Sitta magna)

The project aim to estimate the population size and distribution of Giant Nuthatch throughout Thailand range and also would like to examine the habitat requirement of the species in order to conserve its suitable habitat.

Phan Van Dung

Asssessment and Conservation of Threatened Plant Species in Dong Van Karst Plateau Global Geopark, Vietnam

Asssessment and conservation of threatened plant species Dong Van Karst Plateau Global Geopark is located in Ha Giang province, the northeastern of Viet Nam

Ranjit Pandey

Butterflies and Climate Change: Development of a Community Based Conservation and Monitoring Program

Aims of my study are to investigate altitudinal butterfly species diversity and biology; and to improve locals’ awareness on butterfly and climate change.

Nabil Musa

Riverine Ecosystem Health Project of Iraqi Kurdistan

Our project will focus on two major threats to Iraqi riverine ecosystems: gravel mining and dams/dam constructions. We will learn how these threats occur in our river basins; collecting information on their positive and negative impacts to the ecosystem and communities and build local awareness to develop solutions that protect our local rivers.

Mariya Gritsina

Specification of the Status of the Pallas's Cat (Otocolobus manul) in Uzbekistan

Pallas cat (Otocolobus manul), a small-sized wild cat included in the Red List of IUCN as Near Threatened species and in appendix II of CITES (1995), is known to inhabit Uzbekistan and all the countries bordering with it and is among the least studied species in Uzbekistan. This project aims to specify Pallas cat’s current status in Uzbekistan, the montane areas will be investigated using camera trap method, prey countings and interviewing local people.

Kim Lien To

Literacy for Environmental Justice in Vietnam

• Develop outdoor environmental justice literacy curriculum for urban primary and secondary school students that addresses pressing issues and is linked to the content of the national curriculum. • Provide hands-on environmental justice literacy programs to students from primary and secondary schools in Hanoi.

Betty J.L. Laglbauer

Impacts, Alternative Solutions and Awareness of Mobula Fisheries in Indonesia

This project will combine fishing market surveys, citizen science, and interviews in West Nusa Tenggara to (1) describe species specific abundance at main aggregation sites, (2) describe species-specific foraging habits of mobulas, and (3) outreach activities to promote understanding between stakeholders while exploring potential solutions to reduce mobula by-catch and directed fisheries in Indonesia. Implementation of conservation measures on a local scale will be supported by producing information on the overlap of specific fisheries with potential feeding grounds, a photographic database, educational material, and recommendations for governmental institutions.

Pushpa Raj Acharya

Conservation Initiatives for Fruit Bats in Nepal

The status of fruit bat colonies in Nepal will be assessed during field surveys, and the information relayed to local communities and policy makers to ensure the conservation of the bats.

Rahayu Ayu

Spatial Distribution and Habitat Suitability Analysis of Javan Gibbon in Gunung Halimun Salak National Park

(a) To identify habitat preference of javan gibbon (b) To establish accurate map of spatial distribution of javan gibbon and provide an overview threats that javan gibbons facing across the landscape.

Sheema Abdul Aziz

Project Pteropus: Interactions between Flying Foxes, Plants and People on Tioman Island – Implications for Conservation

Understanding the role of flying foxes (Pteropus spp.) in forest ecosystems and people’s lives, and promoting co-existence between fruit bats and humans in Peninsular Malaysia.