Chenxing Yu

Wintering Spotted Greenshank (Tringa guttifer): Migratory Movement Patterns, Habitat Selection and the Implications for its Conservation

This project aims to clarify Spotted Greenshank overwintering habitat selection and local as well as migratory movement patterns.

Krishna Prasad Bhusal

Strengthening the Local Communities for In-Situ Conservation of Critically Endangered Vultures in Western Mid-Hills of Nepal

This project aims to advocate unregistered vet practitioners, monitor nesting colonies, build up capacities of local communities to support government's Vulture Conservation Action Plan and Manifesto chalked out by Saving Asia's Vulture from Extinction (SAVE) consortium.

Diana Solovyeva

Conservation of Scaly-Sided Merganser on Breeding Grounds Worldwide

Using existing Scaly-sided Merganser artificial nest boxes in Russia and China we will continue efforts to increase reproductive and fledging success. We will investigate an effect of contaminations on reproductive success.

Iding Achmad Haidir

Assessing Sumatran Wild Cats Population And Conservation Status Using A Science-driven Approach to Conserve Sumatra’s Small Cats

The project aims to study felids guild in West-central Sumatra and their population trend over a decade (2004-14) as well as to provide protected area management a robust, science-based conservation intervention.

Saroj Panthi

Conservation Ecology of Himalayan Black Bear in Newly Established Protected Area of Nepal: Api Nampa Conservation Area, Darchula

The aim of the project is to find out the population density and to analyze the nutritional ecology of Himalayan black bear for conservation of this species in Api Nampa Conservation Area, Darchula, Nepal.

Hendrik Freitag

Indigenous Forest Rehabilitation for Biodiversity Conservation and Promotion of Sustainable Income for the Rural Communities in Roxas, Mindoro

This RSG project aims to educate and to sensitize local communities, policy-makers, and students in regard to forest conservation and sustainable management. An important step will be training in “Rainforestation Farming”, the establishment of a nursery and reforestation with native tree species.

Huy Nguyen Quang

Building a Botanic Specimen Collection and a Coloured Guidebook for Educating High School Students in Conservation at Tam Dao National Park, Vietnam

The project aims to increase awareness among high school students in Hanoi of the importance of plants through a combination of lectures and fieldwork.

Sena Adi Subrata

Civet Coffee Saves Biodiversity: Obtaining Civet’s Population Data toward Sustainable Coffee Production in Petungkriono Forest, Indonesia

Provide population data of Palm Civet along with quantity of Civet coffee that can be harvested. And encourage people to manage their forest better for improving their livelihood.

Jigme Tenzin

Conservation Initiatives of Himalayan Bull Frog, Nanorana Leibigii (Gunther, 1860) Along the Simkhar Rivers & its Tributaries under Jigmecholing, Bhutan

This project aims to generate species-specific ecological baseline information on Nanorana leibigii (Gunther, 1860), assess species richness and address current and future threats through community-based conservation initiatives in the Simkhar River and its tributaries.

Amar Kunwar

Habitat Assessment, Conflict Evaluation and Conservation Awareness of Blackbuck Antelope cervicapra cervicapra in Blackbuck Conservation Area, Bardia, Nepal

Habitat suitability Assessment, Blackbuck-human conflict evaluation and local community participation for conservation of Blackbuck in Blackbuck Conservation Area, Bardia, Nepal.