Kamal Adhikari

Documentation of the Ethnobotanical Knowledge of the Inhabitants of a Typical Village, Namely Deurali, in Central Nepal

This project aims to document local ethnobotanical knowledge and to develop awareness of the importance of local plants and their sustainable management by forming a local conservation committee

Grace Quiton-Domingo

Partners in Conservation and Typhoon Resiliency: Equipping Local Resource Managers and Stakeholders in Southern Leyte, Philippines

Ocean-action Resource Center aims to equip locals resource managers and stakeholders in Silago, Southern Leyte, Philippines with proper tools and opportunities and to ensure that these tools and opportunities are institutionally supported for sustained involvement in marine conservation.

Zhereeleen Meneses

Diversity, Ecology and Conservation of Orchids in Western Samar, Philippines

The project aims to document the diversity and ecology of native orchids in Western Samar and to provide a schematic means of conserving these highly threatened species.

Suwat Jutapruet

Feeding Area of Bryde’s Whales (Balaenoptera brydei) and Indo – Pacific Humpback Dolphins (Sousa chinensis) in Tourism Site of the Gulf of Thailand

This research will facilitate the implementation of proper zoning plan and whale and dolphin watching guidelines through the promotion of conservation awareness to the fishing communities.

Sagar Dahal

Reaccessing and Identifying the Conservation Needs of Fishing Cat after 1836 in Bankalwa, Sunsari, Nepal

This goal of the project is to record fishing cat in Bankalwa after 179 years and find out the conservation threats to it in present time. It aims to start conservation practice of this endangered species in the area.

Robert Davis

Turning the Tide for the Bekai: Identifying Refugee from Climate-Induced Sea Level Rise for the Palau Megapode

We will assess population size, ecology, dispersal capacity and predation risk of the Micronesian Megapode in Palau and model the impacts of sea level rise on future viability.

Rabin Kadariya

Genetic Variation, Ecology and Conservation of Asiatic Black Bears (Ursus thibetanus) in Mountain Landscape of Nepal

The overall aim of the study is to understand ecology and genetics of Asiatic black bears in Annapurna and Manaslu Conservation Areas of Nepal.

Pema Dendup

The Winter Habitat Selection of Red Panda in Forest Research Preserve of Ugyen Wangchuck Institute for Conservation and Environment (UWICE) Bhutan

This research aims to study the habitat selection by red panda in the winter season and accordingly help us understand the ecology of this elusive species. The research findings will devise a conservation strategy and habitat conservation plan of red panda within the research preserve.

Niti Sukumal

Investigating Habitat Use by Green Peafowl (Pavo muticus) In Pristine Habitat in Thailand and Defining Its Status in Cambodia, Myanmar and Indonesia

This study aims 1) to provide detailed information on the ranging behavior of animals found in the pristine forest and agricultural land and 2) surveyed populations over the species’ range in four distinct areas.

Hari Prasad Sharma

Red Panda Conservation in Nepal: Integrating Human Knowledge and Scientific Evidence to Assess Wildlife Population Health

The proposed project will make notable contributions towards red panda conservation in Nepal.