Thu Nguyen Thi

An Assessment of Plant Diversity and Conservation in Muong La Upstream-Protection Forest, Son La Province, Vietnam

The aims of the project are determining plant diversity; survey threatened plant species; improve awareness about plant biodiversity conservation and recommend appropriate conservation measures for Muong La upstream-protection forest.

Chanratana Pin

Waterhole Use by Threatened Mammals and Large Waterbirds in Mondulkiri Protected Forest, Eastern Plain Landscape, Cambodia

Aims are to: - To estimate waterhole occupancy and detection probability of wildlife including large ungulates and large waterbirds. (special focus on large ungulates: Banteng, Eld’s deer, Wild pig and Red muntjac) - To determine the landscape characteristics and anthropogenic factors which could influence the use of waterholes by these species.

Phub Dorji

Conservation of Endangered Asiatic Dhole (Cuon alpinus) in Buffer Area of Jigme Khesar Strict Nature Reserve, Haa, Bhutan

This project will help to assess the Human Dhole conflict and provide recommendations for mitigation of the conflict and further conservation strategies. Need for the assessment on peoples attitude towards Dhole conservation is paramount. Negative perception of the local people shall be changed through Dhole conservation awareness programs. Presence of the Dhole site information will be collected through people’s interview and its distribution map will be produced for systematic camera trapping in next phase.

Van Thinh Nguyen

Diversity and Sustainable Use of Tree Species Producing Valuable Non-Timber Products after Shifting Cultivation in Ben En National Park, Vietnam

The aim of this study is thus to describe patterns of forest succession from early stages to mature forests in different time chronosequence following shifting cultivation in the ecological restoration. The diversity and population density of all tree species will be assessed in three sites which are forest stands of 0-26 -year-old fallows. This study will provide information on diversity, richness and sustainable management of woody tree species producing valuable non-timber products after shifting cultivation. This information could contribute to the understanding of local people in terms of rural development, poverty reduction, the local inhabitant’s health and wealth, and food security. In addition, it will be useful to plan conservation strategies and management practice for a sustainable use of forest resources in restoration zone of the park.

Binaya Joshi

Sarus Crane, Farm Land and Climate Change: Research and Conservation of Threatened Birds and Wetland Ecosystems in Nepal

This study aims to investigate 1). Behavioral ecology of sarus crane (foraging, breeding and home range), 2). Habitat ecology (habitat availability and the effect of climate change); 3). Sarus-human interactions (effect of agriculture on their habitat quality).

Isabella Apriyana

DNA Survey to Support the Conservation of the Critically Endangered Sumatran Elephant Population in Harapan Rainforest, Indonesia

To provide baseline population data of Sumatran elephant in Harapan Rainforest by employing advance genetic technology.

Lekey Chaida

Diversity of Spider's Fauna in Different Habitats (Forest, Agriculture Land and Houses) in Western Bhutan

Bhutan is well recognised thorough out the world for its rich biodiversity, however, we lack the fundamental data on many flora and fauna where spider is not an exception. The project will determine the diversity of the spider in different habitats (Agriculture field, forest and houses); thus, for the first time, quantitative and qualitative data on spider diversity from the western part of Bhutan will be presented to the region and world.

Kuenzang Choden

Building Research Capacity of School Children on Conservation of White Bellied Heron (Ardea insignis) along Phochu Valley, Punakha, Bhutan

The conservation-education project will be executed to revive student’s nature club and build research capacity of school children to study White Bellied Heron and raise awareness on their conservation importance.

Hari Basnet

Bat-Chiuri and Chepang: Maintaining a Delicate Balance through Conservation Awareness Programme in Chitwan District, Nepal

The project raises conservation awareness against practice of consumption of bat-bush meat, survey fruit bats and explore ethno-zoological behavior of Chepang in four VDCs of Chitwan district, Nepal.

Kanokorn Rueangsawang

The Conservation Assessment of Endemic and Threatened on Justicia Species in Northern Thailand

This project aims to assess the conservation status of endemics and threatened Justicia species and to evaluate information about the distribution patterns, population status, relationship between endemic species and specificity of their habitats.