Dao Viet Long

Conservation of Tam Hai's Coral Reef Biodiversity through Community-Based Coral Transplantation in Quang Nam Province

Conservation of Tam Hai's coral reef biodiversity through community-based coral transplantation in Quang Nam province.

Robert van Zalinge

Improving Stakeholder Understanding of Sarus Crane Ecological Requirements for Management of Key Wetlands in Cambodia

The project will study ecological requirements of Sarus Cranes at key wetlands used in the dry season with direct participation of local community conservation groups.

Raju Acharya

Owl Conservation in Western Hill of Nepal

The main aim of the project is to reduce hunting and trade intensity at local and national level via educating stakeholders.

Bikram Shrestha

Interaction between Sympatric Species (Snow Leopard, Common Leopard and Lynx) and their Conservation in Annapurna Conservation Area, Nepal

The first aim of the proposed project is to study interaction between two closely related species of large cats, the endangered snow leopard and the near threatened common leopard, and the vulnerable lynx which are living as sympatric in Lower Mustang of Annapurna Conservation Area. The second is to assess the effectiveness of adopted human- snow leopard and co-predators conflict mitigation measures and the degree of tolerance towards the predators considering livestock depredation.

Ganga Ram Regmi

Mitigating Human-Assamese Monkey Conflict in Upper Mai Valley, East Nepal

The project will focus to minimize/mitigate Human-Assamese monkey conflict, support the farmers to improve their livelihood and foster them in conservation activities in Upper Mai Valley.

Darshanaa Chellaiah

Response of Stream Functioning to the Replacement of Natural Forests by Exotic Trees- An Assessment of the Impacts of Oil Palm and Acacia Plantations in Borneo

To identify the impacts of monoculture Oil palm and Acacia plantations on stream ecosystem structure and function in terms of litter decomposition rates, water chemistry and decomposer communities.

Fachruddin Mangunjaya

Conservation Education for Pesantren in Riau

This project will develop a pilot project in Riau province that engages pesantren in wildlife conservation. Our hope is to create participatory model of the pesantren involvement in other important conservation areas in Indonesia.

Paras Singh

Migratory Wetland Bird Conservation Programme in Chitwan - Annapurna Landscape, Nepal

To raise awareness amongst local residents for the conservation of wetland migratory birds, eco-friendly urban planning and create birding opportunities.

Milton Norman Medina

Production of Information, Education, and Communication Materials towards Conservation of Local Biodiversity in Davao Oriental Philippines

Recently proclaimed UNESCO world heritage site, Mt. Hamiguitan Range Wildlife Sanctuary’s (MHRWS) biodiversity needs a strong education-connection between local villagers, Local Government Unit, and environmental groups. Education is still a key to raise conservation initiative in protecting and conserving dwindling Philippine biodiversity.

Ricardo Tapilatu

Strengthening Conservation of Western Pacific Leatherback (and Other Marine Turtles) at Bird’s Head Seascape, Papua - Indonesia

The main aim is to initiate monitoring and conservation efforts in critical habitats for sea turtles in the four districts in Papua Barat Province, and to assess existing and potential threats to nesting habitat and population.