Tran Quang Ngoc

Understanding the Impacts of Hunting on Edwards's Pheasant in Phong Dien Nature Reserve, Vietnam

Tran Quang Ngoc conducting a PRA exercise in the buffer zone of Phong Dien Nature Reserve.

Phong Dien Nature ReserveViet NamAsia, Birds, Community, Hunting14 Aug 2001

Edwards's Pheasant (Lophura edwardsi) is a globally critically endangered species. It is one of three pheasant species endemic to the lowlands of Central Vietnam, and to date has only been confirmed to occur in two recently established nature reserves, Phong Dien and Dakrong. These birds are ground dwellers and are caught by the same hunting techniques that capture mammals. Recent survey work which led to the establishment of the Phong Dien Nature Reserve indicated that extensive wildlife hunting is taking place, and that this is causing a direct threat to various wildlife populations, including Edwards's pheasant.

This project will develop a detailed understanding of the factors driving local wildlife hunting, and assess the contributory factors affecting the sustainability or otherwise of such hunting in the area. The team will raise the awareness of local Reserve management and those living in and near the park regarding the conservation importance of Edwards's pheasant and other conservation values of the Reserve, and will develop a strategy for improved management of the area. The team will be working in close cooperation with the BirdLife International Vietnam Programme and with the Institute of Ecology and Biological Resources.

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Final Report

Read about the activities undertaken and findings of this project in the final report below.

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