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Status and Conservation of Birds and Large Mammals in Remnant Parana Pine Forest, Misiones, Argentina

Parana Pine Forest, MisionesArgentinaBiodiversity, Birds, Central and Latin America, Forests, Mammals, Plants11 Sep 2003

Although some 93% of Argentina’s Parana Pine (Araucaria angustifolia) has been eliminated, leaving many associated species in danger of extinction, the few remaining patches have never been subject to systematic faunal surveys.

The team will survey the birds and large mammals in remnants of Parana Pine, hoping to determine how much the bird community differs from that of the dominant broadleaf Atlantic forest, and they will create a list of priority sites based on the presence of endangered fauna.

They will develop a national strategy for conserving these species and conduct outreach activities to encourage appreciation for Parana Pine and its associated animals.

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Project Update: January 2004

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