Diana Solovyeva

Surveys and Conservation of the Scaly-sided Merganser in Russia

Unsuccessful survey on Pavlovka-River on 28 April, crew felt down from the boat, boat got under the bridge

One-day old Scaly-sided Merganser marked with web tag. Kievka-River, Primorye, May 2006.

Female Scaly-sided Merganser in hands. Photo by Sergey Vartanayn.

PrimoryeRussian FederationBirds, Europe14 Apr 2003

The Scaly-sided Merganser is among the rarest ducks in the world with a declining population estimated at 4,500: it is recognised as globally threatened.  Most of the population breeds in the far east of Russia but there is little data or information on its numbers there. This work aims to estimate the number and current status of globally threatened Scaly-sided Mergansers on the Russian breeding grounds. It hopes to investigate factors affecting breeding population in order to improve conservation efforts and attract public attention to the conservation of the species.

The project will survey this duck’s breeding pairs and broods on 20 rivers in the Primorye, create and site a further 30 artificial nest boxes and consider breeding patterns in existing artificial nests. It will also assess the level of hunting pressure on the Scaly-sided Merganser. This information will lead to recommendations regarding where further artificial nests should be sited.

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Project Update: March - May 2006

Read about the latest progress of this project in the report below.

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2nd RSG Grant Awarded

A 2nd RSG grant has been awarded for the development of this project - Scaly Sided Merganser - Russia.

Booster Grant Awarded

Congratulations to Diana for being awarded a Booster Grant, to read about this project http://www.rufford.org/projects/diana_solovyeva_0

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