Arpat Ozgul / Andrei Furman

Bat Research Project in Turkish Thrace

Istiranca MountainsTurkeyBats, Europe, Mammals14 Aug 2000

Although bat research in Turkey has been conducted since the 1950's, there has been little systematic study, resulting in relatively poor knowledge about bat abundance and population distribution. This project will survey the Istiranca Mountains, the highest area of Turkish Thrace, bordering Bulgaria, and aims to identify the populations of cave-dwelling bat species and locate the main underground roosts. As the area is relatively undisturbed by humans, and is rich in karst formations and other habitats, it is thought that it hosts large colonies of cave dwelling bats, probably including various near-threatened and conservation dependent species.

This data will then be used to assess the conservation status and requirements of bat species and will contribute to the setting of a coherent conservation policy for European bats.

Project Update: April 2001

Read about the latest progress of this project in the report below.

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Final Report

Read more about the activities undertaken and findings of this project in the final report below.

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