Projects in Indonesia

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Muhammad Sutono

Developing Commodity of Non Timber Forest Product of Dragoon Bloods as the Conservation and Poverty Alleviation Effort for Local Community Around the Buffer Zone of Kerinci Seblat National Park

Develop Non Timber Forest Product (NTFPs) as the effort to build the model of management of Adat forest, with integrated the ecology and economic aspect concurrently.


Protecting Sumatran Tiger Habitat in Aceh

Aim of project to visualize the tiger presence, conflict potential and the magnitudes of managing and protecting the habitat, water sources for the human being and the wildlife.

Nanang Sujana

The Open Cage - Sumatran Elephant Struggle to Survive

The project aims at conserving the lowland forest called PLG-Seblat in Bengkulu province, and promoting the inclusion of a region adjacent to the forest and Kerinci Seblat National Park into the proposed wildlife reserve to provide a connecting area for the animals living in both areas.

Niti Sukumal

Investigating Habitat Use by Green Peafowl (Pavo muticus) In Pristine Habitat in Thailand and Defining Its Status in Cambodia, Myanmar and Indonesia

This study aims 1) to provide detailed information on the ranging behavior of animals found in the pristine forest and agricultural land and 2) surveyed populations over the species’ range in four distinct areas.

Noelle Gunst

Census, Socio-Ecology, and Population Genetics of Ebony Leaf Monkeys (Trachypithecus auratus) in Bali: Implications for the Species’ Conservation Status in Indonesia

This project aims to further our knowledge about the geographic distribution, population density, socio-ecology, and genetic variability of the threatened ebony leaf monkey (Trachypithecus auratus) in Bali, in order to assess its current conservation status in Indonesia.

Nugroho Budianggoro

Assessment of Ants in Gede-Pangrango and Ujung Kulon National Parks, West Java

Our project aims at providing a pioneering study of ant communities in different habitats in both Indoneisian National Parks.

Nurul Winarni

Ecosystem Service, Supporting the Forest, Supporting the People: Evaluating Ecosystem Services of Forest Edge for Park Boundary Support System

This study evaluates the biodiversity ecosystem service through the bird and bat community at park boundary to understand how ecosystem service support the forest and support the people.

Nurul Winarni

Building and Mapping the Indicator of Biodiversity Ecosystem along the Park Boundary

This study is a combination of both monitoring survey and community engagement to build and map the indicator of biodiversity ecosystem services around the edge of the park.

Pak I Made Suarnatha

Jaringan Ekowisata Desa (Village Ecotourism Network)

JED invites tourists to come to the villages to see and experience village life. The objectives of JED are to increase the incomes of the villages by diversifying and supplementing their agricultural livelihoods and to raise funds and awareness for conservation.

Panut Hadisiswoyo

Sumatran Orangutan Education and Awareness Programme (SOEAP)

The Sumatran Orangutan Education and Awareness Programme (SOEAP) addresses the plight of the Sumatran orangutan and its degrading habitat through the promotion of conservation and protection efforts to local people, using environmental education tools.

Panut Hadisiswoyo

Orangutan Conservation Village Initiative (OCVI)

The OCVI is a grassroots programme to promote the protection of Sumatran orangutan and their rainforest ecosystem, working with communities living adjacent to the Gunung Leuser National Park.

Panut Hadisiswoyo

Marike Ecotourism Development Initiative (MEDI)

The aim of the project is to build the capacity of the Marike community to develop an effective and ethical interpretive ecotourism venture, in order to support and promote the conservation of Sumatran orangutans and their forest home.

Peter Hodgson

Mangrove Planting Initiative

Mangrove planting to re-establish an eco environment for fish spawning and other marine life whilst providing long term improvements for local village inhabitants in the fishing industry and improving sea protection.

Pitra Akhriadi

Assessment of Conservation Status of Rafflesia in West Sumatra

The aims of the project are: 1) assessing the conservation status of Rafflesia populations in West Sumatra, 2) monitoring the existence of Rafflesia species, and 3) proposing management plant for conservation of Rafflesia species.

Prigi Arisandi

Vermicomposting of Domestic Waste Training to Local Community in Surabaya River, East Java, Indonesia

The water quality of the Surabaya River, in East Java, Indonesia, is very poor because of human pollution. This project seeks to encourage local people to make vermicompost from their own waste and thereby improve their local environment.

Prigi Arisandi

Environmental Education for Children to Promote Sustainable River Management in East Java, Indonesia

This project will raise awareness of the problems of water pollution and in particular its effect on children in the Surabaya River region.

Rahayu Ayu

Spatial Distribution and Habitat Suitability Analysis of Javan Gibbon in Gunung Halimun Salak National Park

(a) To identify habitat preference of javan gibbon (b) To establish accurate map of spatial distribution of javan gibbon and provide an overview threats that javan gibbons facing across the landscape.

Ramlam Semeiring Meliala

Public Awareness through Environment Education for Student in area of Ekosystem Gunung Leuser National Park which Reside in Karo Regency North Sumatra Province

Forum Komunikasi Kader Konservasi Indonesia (FK3I) Koordinator Cabang Kabupaten Karo

Rasyid Assaf Dongoran

Local Community Empowerment on Tiger and its Conservation in Southeast Aceh, Indonesia

The aim of project is to ensure the long term participative protection of Sumatran tiger and its habitat within Southeast Aceh communities at Leuser National Park, Aceh Province, Indonesia.

Rasyid Assaf Dongoran

Local Community Empowerment on Tiger and Its Habitat in Batang Gadis National Park, Indonesia

The project aim is to ensure the long participative conservation of Sumatran tiger and its habitat in Batang Gadis National Park communities, North Sumatra Province,Indonesia. The illegal logging and some encroachments in Batang Gadis National Park areas are increasing, this is main problem of Sumatran tiger habitat conservation. The training that to be importantly undertaken are tiger conservation cadre training and then good environmental governance training. The both trainings are aimed to that sharpen local teacher capacity in tiger conservation knowledge and Village heads capacity in sustainable development leadership.

Rasyid Assaf Dongoran

Support for Sumatran Tiger Protection In and Around Batang Gadis National Park

This project is aimed to establish the effective community based forest & sumatran tiger protection in and around Batang Gadis National Park. We will create 6 community forest patrol (CFP) groups (1group for 1 resort). The CFP members will be selected from local peoples. The community forest & tiger patrol activity will regularly deploy under supervision of National Park ranger including patrol training, patrolling for illegal logging &tiger presences, destroy snare trap. Beside it, we also develop a wildlife response unit as a roving team in order to assist local communities who live around affected areas of human-tiger conflicts.

Ricardo Tapilatu

Monitoring and Conservation of the Sea Turtle Nesting Population at Yembekaki Beach on the Waigeo Island of West Papua – Indonesia

The project aim is to evaluate if Yembekaki beach in the northern part of Waigeo Island, Raja Ampat, Indonesia, represents a significant a rookery for the western Pacific leatherback.

Ricardo Tapilatu

Strengthening Conservation of Western Pacific Leatherback (and Other Marine Turtles) at Bird’s Head Seascape, Papua - Indonesia

The main aim is to initiate monitoring and conservation efforts in critical habitats for sea turtles in the four districts in Papua Barat Province, and to assess existing and potential threats to nesting habitat and population.

Rignolda Djamaluddin

Program Extension of Cost-Effective Mangrove Rehabilitation Focussing on Restoration of Hydrology

This project will attempt to restore an area of mangrove from disused shrimp farm pond using community participation and focussing on the restoration of hydrology.

Rignolda Djamaluddin

Cost Effective Mangrove Rehabilitation Focusing on Restoration of Hydrology

Many mangrove rehabilitation projects in Indonesia have experienced technical failure due to the incorrect assumption that degraded coastal lands that were once inhabited by mangroves can be re-established by simply replanting mangrove seedlings.