Projects in Azerbaijan

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Elchin Sultanov

Conservation of White Headed Duck at Lake Hajigabul in Azerbaijan

The Project aims to understand the root causes of the current threats and their impact on the migratory waterfowl and improve conservation management of Lake Hajigabul based on a stakeholder-involvement approach.

Guler Isayeva

Conservation of Egyptian Vulture in Lesser Caucasus Within the Territory of Azerbaijan

Project aims to collect data on breeding population of Egyptian Vulture in Lesser Caucasus with in the territory of Azerbaijan. This will allow us to get information about current status of these birds and distribution model will be our guide for future activities and planning for the conservation of "project species" and as well the Important Bird Areas.

Rovshan Abbasov

Improving Habitat for Caspian Sturgeons

In many water withdrawal sites along the Kura river water users use big pumping pipes that suck young sturgeon fishes into the pipes. This causes straight death for all the sturgeons sucked by pipes. The proposed project has a goal to establish on the inlets of withdrawal pipes special equipments that will prevent young fish to enter into pipes.

Rovshan Abbasov

Saving Small Streams for Sturgeons

The project aims to protect sturgeons increasing awareness of the society about the importance of sturgeons. The aim of the project is to identify problems more specifically and develop a new holistic scheme that enable to protect habitats of sturgeons.

Sevinj Sarukhanova

Conservation of Egyptian Vulture in Azerbaijan

The aim of the project is to improve conservation of Egyption Vulture in Nakhchivan Autonomy Republic and Gobustan regions of Azerbaijan. To raise public awareness among population about Egyption Vulture.

Shahin Isayev

Research and Conservation of Imperial Eagle (Aquila heliaca) in Azerbaijan

The project aims to study the potential habitats of Imperial eagle population in Azerbaijan and to improve the conservation status of these species with in the country.

Yelena Gambarova

Rare Vegetation Monitoring in the Gobustan National Park, Azerbaijan

This Project aims to identify and describe the extent of rare vegetation communities found within the various habitats in the south of the Azerbaijan Republic.

Yelena Gambarova

Rare Plant Conservation in Azerbaijan: Monitoring Threats and Education of Local Community

The overarching project goal is to conserve rare plant in Azerbaijan by facilitating the availability of quality science for making conservation decisions.